Instagram’s Favourite Didi, Nazma Aapi

Nazma Aapi, Instagram’s lovable but irritable didi, is tired of the country’s problems. Her creator, Saloni Gaur, spoke to Brut India about what makes her videos so funny and successful. 😂😂

01/02/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Prarthana K.
    02/03/2020 14:25


  • Haroon S.
    01/03/2020 10:24

    . Hi Ms.Gaur. Love your Satirical humour. 💐💐🙋🙋

  • Mohd A.
    29/02/2020 08:57

    aa aza l

  • Nadeem M.
    24/02/2020 10:08

    Good ban

  • Harish M.
    24/02/2020 07:11

    One side cover stroy every time... bullshit dis type of coverage 🤮

  • Sharath S.
    24/02/2020 06:12

    Ground reality of Shaheen bhag..... Is this is protesting against CAA r NRC.... Listen them they r radical Islamic terrorists... Spreading radical Islam terrorism..... In shaeen bhag.... Wake up indians.. .

  • Sharath S.
    24/02/2020 06:12

    This is very horrifying reality of Shaheen bhag....... See this.... Soniya mino ka beta pappu hogayya tho sab ke bacche kho bevakoof banane lagi hai khangress....dheklo Baccho bhi tissue ki jisa use kar rahe ho UNO for children where is know.... Mulla ji tho bahuth kush hai.... Khangressiyoo sharm se dobmarooo salooo... Children's are using in this protest Where is children protection department....

  • Sharath S.
    24/02/2020 06:12

    It's not only our problem it's going on every where ... This is in Spain ... That's why we want NRC Else.... India will become like this ...

  • Sharath S.
    24/02/2020 06:12

    This is going on in india....every thing is planned agianest hindu community...... Wake up....

  • मनीष ढ.
    24/02/2020 02:00

    Its performances are also no less than Bollywood actors. Its thinking is also , which is displayed in every video of it. If it also acts anti-India in the coming future, then I will not be surprised.

  • Ankur S.
    23/02/2020 17:48

    Aji lauda mera

  • Nilkanto C.
    23/02/2020 17:13

    Facebook stop this nonsense Brut India.

  • Farman S.
    23/02/2020 15:19

    dekh le

  • Arvind A.
    23/02/2020 09:27

    राम राम जी

  • Shuvam P.
    23/02/2020 07:38

    That last line... 😂😂

  • Sahil A.
    23/02/2020 05:13

    This is really unique ❣️

  • Yatin G.
    22/02/2020 19:25


  • Xander K.
    22/02/2020 15:48

    Pagal khane ke liye haramzadi

  • Shradha A.
    22/02/2020 13:26


  • Arshad A.
    22/02/2020 12:40

    डा. काफिल गिरफ्तार हो सकते है परंतु वारिस पठान नहीं ? क्योकि यह वही बात कर रहा है जो भाजपा चाहती है!

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