Kabir Singh: 5 Reasons The Movie Got Hate

In the MeToo era, this new film found box-office success and feminist backlash in equal measure. What was your reaction to Kabir Singh?

06/28/2019 11:28 AM
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  • Muazzam M.
    06/28/2019 11:29

    Great movie

  • Harsh T.
    06/28/2019 11:33

    For Many Pseudo Feminists

  • Rohan G.
    06/28/2019 11:33

    It is a cringeworthy film only for the offended femtards who conveniently forget Veere di wedding and Safina. Get lost.. It is cringeworthy only for you offended hypocrites. Just because you are offended does not mean that you are right

  • Sujaan B.
    06/28/2019 11:33

    One of the many reason why brut india is cringeworthy.

  • Suneeth B.
    06/28/2019 11:33


  • Maddy C.
    06/28/2019 11:34

    Fuck feminists..

  • Rohan A.
    06/28/2019 11:36

    Must watch film

  • Yogesh M.
    06/28/2019 11:36

    In South arjun reddy solid hit but in North feminist creating hell drama 😂

  • Bikram D.
    06/28/2019 11:37

    Hindustan mein Jab tak cinema hai log chutiya bante rahenge😂

  • Pronoy M.
    06/28/2019 11:37

    Cringe-worthy only for some leftist otherwise it's ok with majority

  • Harish A.
    06/28/2019 11:38

    It's just a stupid fucking movie. Instead stand up for real issues.

  • Kamal K.
    06/28/2019 11:38

    A much watch movie . Fuck those critics

  • Ashutosh U.
    06/28/2019 11:39

    Ee chutiya aurat

  • Sidharth S.
    06/28/2019 11:39

    Nikita Dutta was playing the role of actress Jia Sharma

  • Amos A.
    06/28/2019 11:40

    Really ?? It's a dubbed one from Telugu !! Why didn't you comment on it then??

  • Sourav B.
    06/28/2019 11:40

    Fifty Shades of Grey- IMDb rating- 4.1 Kabir Singh- IMDb rating- 8.1 This is the difference....

  • Aimer l.
    06/28/2019 11:40

    Most South Indian ppl hv still not matured to sensing misogyny, or it maybe that those scenes were not filmed in the original flick. p.s. I'm a south Indian.

  • Ankan D.
    06/28/2019 11:41

    Please post something like this for veere di wedding or Ranjhana..let's see wot is more misogynistic..

  • Prabhakar T.
    06/28/2019 11:42

    Kabir Singh is a great movie. I agree at some places things are shown little out of the hand but again it is a MOVIE. There have been movies in past like Veere di Wedding where women were shown Toxic but it was well taken by everyone as WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. The character played by Alia in Gully Boy, was same as Kabir. In the Movie there is a scene that recieved a lot of hate; where Shahid hit Kiara, but again Kiara hits Shahid. Please do not watch the movie if you can not take it, as simple as that.

  • Jay J.
    06/28/2019 11:42

    yup nice movie, people are so dumb it is for entertainment watch it and enjoy the movie .. my condolences for feminist.. after all this movie is a great fiction