Kareena & Karisma On How To Remain Relevant

“I look much better or better groomed today than I looked in my 20s.” How Kareena and Karisma keep up with being The Kapoors... Thanks to Filmy Mirchi for the footage!

07/11/2020 5:27 AMupdated: 10/11/2020 8:37 AM
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  • Zee A.
    a day

    Both fake kareena n karisam just fakely complimenting each other give no credit to others

  • Priya N.
    2 days

    You both speak at the same time.

  • Rafeeia A.
    2 days

    Lolo was and still is exceptionally beautiful!

  • Samila Q.
    2 days

    There life ends where there looks diminished. May Allah swt help us all to focus on inner beauty ,the intellect and how can we help humanity to be successful in here and here after In shaa Allah .

  • Abid K.
    3 days

    Why are these people ashamed to speak their own language, why do they always speak English?

  • Farida A.
    3 days

    Beautiful sisters!love both of you!Karishma you do age like fine wine .🍷 You look younger than when you were 20 yrs old,keep it up beautiful lady ❤️God bless you!🎉💕

  • Kongmai W.
    3 days

    Karishma mam more beutiful than karena mam

  • Sumati T.
    4 days

    Inner positivity and radiance comes with tons of make up😁

  • Inoxent S.
    4 days

    The name lolo is quit 🤮🤮

  • Niti C.
    4 days

    Liked ur performance inner positivity moving with time.yes

  • Sophia P.
    5 days

    🤣 kaun hote hain ye real siblings jo itni tareef or tameez se baat krte hain If you see me and my brother 🤣🤣 u will blame our parents 😝😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Heer H.
    5 days

    I love Karishma Kapoor 😘

  • Anurekha D.
    5 days

    Kareena’s eyes scare the fuck out of me when she says my pout uWu

  • Jayanti P.
    5 days

    Bakwas....sab dikhawa

  • Shreya B.
    22/07/2021 15:52

    I can’t talk to you like this even for 5 mins without blurting out a stupid joke.

  • عبدالرحمن م.
    18/07/2021 05:17

    when most of your listeners are in India+Pakistan, why you do not perfer to talk in Hindi.May be you want to show that you can speak english too?

  • Shivani R.
    14/07/2021 15:19

    Credit goes to the makeup😬😋😝

  • Amir A.
    14/07/2021 13:37

    Always love to see Karishma

  • Anjali K.
    14/07/2021 11:34

    What an enriching conversation. Changed the course of this country. Thank You Ladies.

  • Nita G.
    12/07/2021 22:12

    Bakwas ! Full of EGO !!!