• Luckynao N.
    21/08/2018 14:06

    No you don't have any right to choose

  • Sanam S.
    25/05/2018 23:03

    G o o d

  • Suresh N.
    23/04/2018 06:05

    Mam, Congress playing with reservations more than 60 years .

  • Rajath K.
    23/04/2018 05:13

    And please oh, please. Do commit suicide. We don't want any of the Congress party representatives or even their shadow on Indian politics.

  • Rajath K.
    23/04/2018 05:12

    Why does she say this country is not about "Hinduism"? Why couldn't she say this country isn't about "Christianity" or "Islam"? Everyone's cracked the code now. Talk like you don't care about hindus. People will love you. Saying we're not dragging any religion and specifically pointing out Hinduism, that's all we wanna hear, right?

  • Rahul B.
    22/04/2018 14:07

    And last one. I commit suside

  • Rahul B.
    22/04/2018 14:05

    Is that possible for Hindu boy marry Muslim girl🤔

  • Amith R.
    22/04/2018 13:49

    The debate was about Karnataka Khusboo Ji , not about you.

  • Nipun R.
    22/04/2018 05:11

    Than after that conglomerate marriages something happens why the F do you go to police or to court ?? Rather choose to go to hell....

  • Yasir A.
    21/04/2018 07:00

    Presenting you The Incredible India.

  • Rahamathullah S.
    19/04/2018 06:31

    Iit's nice

  • Amith S.
    16/04/2018 19:51

    Overacting as if all these Congress politicians are sadhus

  • Santosh B.
    15/04/2018 22:19

    Power of choice

  • Aniruddha S.
    15/04/2018 07:33

    Bitch shouts a lot😖

  • Aswath B.
    15/04/2018 03:46

    Wow the party which is the root cause of splitting India on the lines of religion caste and language is the one preaching, they talk about freedom to do what we want and they are the same party who protested people should not watch cricket match quoting her what is your problem if match happens in chennai and people go to watch it.

  • Deepak B.
    14/04/2018 17:17

    Oh and doesn’t this also apply to you for your past. I remember 1984. You massacred Sikhs for no reason..

  • Deepak B.
    14/04/2018 17:17

    Tell me one thing any BJP minister has said about a religion..

  • Deepak B.
    14/04/2018 17:16

    Haha, this is so expected. With that being said, am I expected to vote for Pappu? That’ll never happen. When they don’t have anything to talk about development, they talk about religion and castes. Shame..

  • Pranjali S.
    14/04/2018 17:14

    India was united under British Raj, all were together and sacrificing life for freedom. Now after freedom politician are dividing us , now we are more divided then ever ( history will tell the story to coming generation ) and we are puppets . Puppet in hands of politician for their interest ( divide and rule) Why we even listen to them.

  • Priyanshu G.
    13/04/2018 16:01

    Muh se hag rahi ye to😁😁😁

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