Kiara Advani Shares Fitness Mantra With Kareena

Kiara Advani tells Kareena Kapoor Khan why she's not into "fad diets like keto". The two leading ladies were speaking on the Filmy Mirchi show, What Women Want.

20/12/2020 5:27 AM
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    01/07/2021 01:35

    Have a nice talk with fer....Good morning.

  • Tannu K.
    29/06/2021 11:27

    Both my favourite brain nd beauty ladies

  • Anindita B.
    22/05/2021 16:20

    Overuse of the word "yeah" turns people off!!!

  • Kaisar R.
    16/05/2021 15:30

    Karina looks super duper cute and young and she's adorable

  • Kaisar R.
    16/05/2021 15:28

    Too good.interesting and worth watching. 10 out of 10

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    Apa erti pacar saya pancit pun dekat saya saya saya saya saya tak ada apa boleh buat kirim kirim kirim kirim

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    Mana Hindi film Hindi film mohabbatein berdosa main dia nak dosa merah asal dosa merah husna medical services kak Ani sikit ya ustaz kan aku Kia forte oh badanku kabel tie kabel tie ke sebab kena cari polis

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    Mineski Singapore one year mojokerto Na merakam khairul

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    Thamk such.No. my. Ans

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    Hmm, so, actually, you know, I mean, some other random related words etc... These celebrities style of talking is always time consuming..

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    मस्त चुतिया बनाते हो...सैल्युट.... देश को जरुरत है... आपके काम को सलाम

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    She said beautifulness of the outfit🤣

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    Expectation: I subscribed to this channel to get important news about my country and the world which is going awry at the moment. Reality: ...

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    Watching all these videos and giving them importance is really a waste of time why they people not showing the reality of these celebrity..they are just nothing without public.. people' should avoid going to theather for watching there film's

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    27/02/2021 04:50

    There are several other serious issues which needs to be brought to limelight..instead these self made shows..this just waste of time...

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    SHAME ON YOU Brut.India

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    Wow, such a beautiful piece of information to skip.