Malaika Chats With Kareena On Divorcing Arbaaz

Malaika Arora spoke to Kareena Kapoor Khan about the most challenging decision of her life. The video is courtesy of Ishq FM.

24/03/2019 11:25 AM
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  • Preeti G.
    13/02/2021 11:30

    Bawli hogi dono

  • Ajay J.
    03/01/2021 20:56

    Malaika in real life she is ugly hearted CHARACTERLESS who divorced for money and to date much younger boy of her sons age like Arjun kapoor. And Arbaaz is too a womenizer who is also involved into child trafficking and he is a pedophilic bas#d. And forgot say karena u got married to a man whom she said congratulations uncle on your marriage now making babies to get shares for theirs son and later get divorce just like karizma kapoor. What is brut India spreading lies and shit interviewing these nastiest bit#hes of Darktown bollysh^t. INLOGO NANGA HONE KA SHOK HAI.

  • Yogeeta B.
    08/08/2020 14:39

    Aaj pata chala in longon ka break up hua hai

  • MD F.
    31/07/2020 07:10


  • Shekhar S.
    31/07/2020 06:00

    This show is made for Bollywood sophisticates. Providing them a platform for give reasonings to their deeds which are not easily digested by the masses because their glamour world after all is run by these masses

  • Isha A.
    31/07/2020 05:46

    . 0

  • Johny A.
    31/07/2020 04:08

    Karishma.malaika Divorce. Karina.and amrita coming.

  • Clement S.
    30/07/2020 19:27

    Its nonsense say that after 19 year together and divorce people are doing big mistakes why cant think before marry is this guy suit for marriage and thinking his ideas attitude matching

  • Devang B.
    30/07/2020 17:13

    Who is she ?

  • Jo Y.
    30/07/2020 04:35

    I am little bit in doubt you live happily 18 years and in 19 years you think you are feeling uncomfortable when your child is 16 year old What message your giving to your child that you can leave a your partner as your environment is not good after spending almost 19 years and your understanding not able to match Still we can take in consideration sometime may be happen but you live as a single and you are in relation with the man who is almost 12 years younger then you . I really feel sad for the child who seeing all this parent broke up after 19 years and mother making affair with young boy strange strange strange Bollywood is such a dirty industry

  • Sanghamitra P.
    30/07/2020 04:30

    Well Said!

  • Asiya K.
    30/07/2020 03:53

    You only propose to arbaz. N now u like freedom n nobody on ur bed. Really... shadi hi kyu ki thi

  • Sheena S.
    30/07/2020 02:26

    Tears rolled down my eyes.... "SUCH A SERIOUS ISSUE" 🤣🤣

  • Gayathri D.
    29/07/2020 14:59

    Class way of slapping malika. It's your LIFE , you have all the rights to make decisions and nobody has any right to talk about it until and unless your people have, you know 👍👍👏

  • Marvin G.
    29/07/2020 14:25

    The right answer is don't marry a rich man's brother. Marry a humble man instead. He would love you more than anyone's else can.

  • Huma K.
    29/07/2020 13:22

    Personal judgement dy

  • DrRubeena B.
    29/07/2020 12:33

    I think good decision

  • Gautam R.
    29/07/2020 08:33

    Budhape.. main divorce......🤣🤣 Kya bat hai

  • Surinder S.
    29/07/2020 05:46


  • Sunayana M.
    29/07/2020 05:12

    She dint desrve Arbaz ....he being a descent and cool guy...she is such an ugly whore....she very well deserves incredibly stupid arjun Kapoor who sooner or later dump her.....only for her realization what piece of shit she is.

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