Meet Dhruv Rathee, YouTube Star and Modi Critic

Brut India spoke to Dhruv Rathee. The 23-year-old has amassed more than half a million subscribers on YouTube doing political videos, many criticising the Narendra Modi-led administration.

06/27/2018 3:44 PM
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  • Jeet J.
    06/27/2018 15:49

    Finally Brutt India is congress IT cell

  • HISIS -.
    06/27/2018 15:51

    More power to "anti nationals" like you !

  • Tapan
    06/27/2018 15:52

    Dhruv always have proof with every videos... Love to watch such activist's videos

  • Singha A.
    06/27/2018 15:53

    He always finds wrong in BJP only.AAPTARD & Half of his videos are fake & facts are manipulated.

  • Sebastian W.
    06/27/2018 15:53

    This guy doesn't even do proper research.I used to follow him and can conclude,he's an idiot.

  • Griffon G.
    06/27/2018 15:55

    This Brut Video is gonna burn many bhakt hearts tonight 🤣🤣

  • Ramit K.
    06/27/2018 15:56

    Opposition's IT cell propagandanist is being glorified by mainstream media with such shamelessness and then they say india has no India has no freedom of speech. The corrupt governments of 70 years made sure people like Dhruv rathi lead a luxurious life in Germany and make sure India never become a developed country by their venomous propaganda.

  • Prem K.
    06/27/2018 15:57

    kuch Dino m aisa na ho jaun m😂😂

  • Chiraag M.
    06/27/2018 15:57

    Cheers !

  • Rangana C.
    06/27/2018 16:02

    I just appreciate Mr Dhruv for his courage...His motto is good only...Good job..keep it up..Let them(***) shout....💞

  • Ashish A.
    06/27/2018 16:03

    Acha hai but bhai kuch jagah congress k liye b do..... 70 saal raj kiya ya aapne b ankhe band ki hai congress pr

  • Suresh B.
    06/27/2018 16:04


  • Saksham G.
    06/27/2018 16:04

    He is awesome 🙏

  • Arman K.
    06/27/2018 16:06

    More power to you bro💪ee

  • Chethan C.
    06/27/2018 16:08

    He's also fake just like Indian media

  • Syed D.
    06/27/2018 16:09

    This is Dhruv. Be like Dhruv.

  • Shivam S.
    06/27/2018 16:09

    Aur koi kaam nahi saale ko. Congressi chamcha.

  • Amogh B.
    06/27/2018 16:09

    have you seen his videos

  • Anubhav T.
    06/27/2018 16:10

  • Vinay K.
    06/27/2018 16:11

    I guess he needs to open his mind , on how the govt is running for 4 yrs.. staying in Germany and doing videos doesn't work out so easily.. I guess let him come home and see what's really happening.