Meet The Popular Spoken Word Poet Slamming Patriarchy

Brut India spoke to Aranya Johar, a teenage spoken-word artist, who has struck a chord with poems about ordinary women experiencing everyday sexism.

07/16/2018 1:30 AM
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  • CA S.
    07/16/2018 07:21

    Then we must cultivate decipline in our society and.

  • Japneet S.
    07/16/2018 04:16

    C A N C E R

  • Nikesh M.
    07/11/2018 22:27

    Every creatures in this world is mad for sex specially man this is natural government should cancel death sentence for this it is against the laws of nature

  • Divyansh S.
    07/01/2018 13:56

    Kitna vibrate kr rhi h

  • Nitin R.
    07/01/2018 13:28

    so annoying lol

  • Smridhi S.
    07/01/2018 12:58

    She got bangs

  • Avantika B.
    07/01/2018 10:59

    ok wtf look at the comments

  • Jaspreet K.
    07/01/2018 10:58

    Behen... Tumhe motapa Aaya hua hai... Uspe Dhyan do Phele 😂😂😂

  • Mohit B.
    07/01/2018 01:50

    Chinmaya moti ho gayi hai 😂

  • Aviral A.
    06/30/2018 20:17

    If this comment section is anything to go by, we definitely are one of the worst countries for women.

  • Ayushmaan S.
    06/30/2018 12:44

    I think she looks like Siddharth Sagar( Selfie mausi in comedy classes)

  • Anand R.
    06/30/2018 10:38

    I guess feminism does make you fat and ugly

  • Atharva K.
    06/30/2018 07:17


  • Spouzhmai A.
    06/30/2018 04:58


  • Vinay G.
    06/30/2018 04:07


  • Rohit K.
    06/29/2018 22:52

    This is real sexism and extra privileges of being a woman, In this video the girl rams the car onto 14-15 people and later on starts crying and tell the man who's making the video "video mat banao ,koi ro rha hai". If it would be a guy he would have been lynched already.

  • Hrishikesh L.
    06/29/2018 22:26

    bro comments padh, fucking gold

  • Mangat S.
    06/29/2018 21:20

    Topic of feminism and women empowerment is now become a business....😆 Slowly one will have a start-up company named" The Femenist Venture Pvt Ltd" where all FAME hunger women will b hired for just doin blah blah blah on social media and earn lakhs. Where still there are hundreds of us working 9-5 jobs and are still satisfied ..... 😎 I am not against feminism or women empowerment. 😔Neither I am in favour of sexual violence😤 It's about each parent teaching their lil one that all human being are to be loved and cared and nurtured. It's about all old generations to come forward and learn that the world is changing and they need to eradicate their thoughts. It's about each one of us men and women contribute their correct doings for the society this their will b no need of this activity all together.

  • Pallav S.
    06/29/2018 21:11

    Clear double standards before blaming everything on one side. A teenager cannot say 'all' women face this. I have friend groups where casual sexism is common between us guys and girls. Yes, women are more physically vulnerable in India, but then again, since you people are more mentally strong than a guy, you take that to your advantage. Speak up for equality, rather than being a 19 year old and saying she speaks for 'all' women. Point out the common good, then work down to the negative points. Blame game never ends and will never do.

  • Mayank S.
    06/29/2018 16:22