Meet The Popular Spoken Word Poet Slamming Patriarchy

Brut India spoke to Aranya Johar, a teenage spoken-word artist, who has struck a chord with poems about ordinary women experiencing everyday sexism.

16/07/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Rizve A.
    31/08/2018 17:26

    She looks like Salena Gomez

  • Khalid H.
    31/08/2018 13:39


  • Dr-Amruthraj R.
    29/08/2018 14:52

    Great, solidarity

  • Shaikh R.
    27/08/2018 19:19

    This is not feminism and the way she described is like disrespecting the real feminists and other women. Feminist sociology is a conflict theory and theoretical perspective which observes gender in its relation to power, both at the level of face-to-face interaction and reflexivity within a social structure at large. Focuses include sexual orientation, race, economic status, and nationality. Its about equal status in society but not the way she said about private parts, that worst than a street language, above that its India not some western country, feminism can be explained with good examples which should reflect the culture and tradition of India.

  • Udeshya J.
    27/08/2018 00:21

    I've heard her poems.. And they suck.. Extremes are far fetched... As they can sound more interesting and she can walk out with a badge of being politically correct.. Try and understand there entertainers.. They need response... Hence, this false advertising. Trying to be victims in a way that looks politically correct.. That's what she good at.. I'm sure she doesn't know what women face in Islamic and religion propelled countries. Well! There's a lot menu more things that concern women than men... are dicks ain't magical.. There are way more issues like sanitation and hehe in backward areas.. family disputes.. One of the biggest reason for marital suicides in women is there mother in laws.. It sounds as weird as it is true.. Proper pregnancy and abortion...nutrition... Education.. Now, if by any chance you believe that dicks are responsible for all this then I think you need to get your facts straight.. Men are not completely out of the image they can be dangerous at times but the quality of women due to false sense entitlement have degraded their mentality to a level below the asphalt.

  • Avinash S.
    26/08/2018 03:21

    Very loud dishwasher

  • Sony T.
    25/08/2018 05:59

    for it kind information she is not a comedian

  • Sony T.
    25/08/2018 05:58

    if feminism sucks how will u get married

  • Sony T.
    25/08/2018 05:53

    if she gained weight it's her issue.she is not a model to maintain her figure as it is.just because she gained weight u can't call her horrible

  • Sony T.
    25/08/2018 05:48

    nothing happened to her.she changed her hairstyle dude.

  • Aniruddha S.
    20/08/2018 04:25

    Feminazi.. bakchodi

  • Nitesh D.
    16/08/2018 22:00

    You got fat

  • Prateek B.
    16/08/2018 17:09

    First of all ...!!! poet is not call as feminist ....! Poet remain poet

  • Prineet P.
    16/08/2018 04:08

    What happened to her🤔😱

  • Vicky R.
    13/08/2018 00:58

    se parece a ti fren

  • Suraj S.
    12/08/2018 14:32

    Its true that females are the prime target of any kind of voilence whether its sexual or any other type and i agree that somehow we are also part of it and unable to change it completely for better for our future. Saying poet is one thing but implementing in real life is another thing n one cannot fully blame to males only there has to be some ground for both to understand n respect each other.

  • Eduardo R.
    12/08/2018 05:45

    You know every time this so called “comedians” come around explaining their technique, they say it’s always by making people uncomfortable, that’s not comedy, it really isn’t.

  • Hannan B.
    11/08/2018 22:17


  • Kiran A.
    11/08/2018 16:31

    Feminazis are going to be a greater threat to humanity than misogynistic men. You cry abuse all day and enjoy the legal benefits nowadays and free gifts like alimony. Its time sensible youngsters open their eyes to this inequality. These feminazi pigs are going to cry foul on patriarchy to try and make it a matriarchal society and make men dance to their tunes.

  • Warda U.
    11/08/2018 08:13

    More power to you girl 😍😍

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