Mrs. Khan In Conversation With Mr. Khan

How to keep the sparks flying in a long-term relationship… Saif Ali Khan shared these secrets with Kareena Kapoor Khan in the 104.8 Ishq FM show, What Women Want.

07/07/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Santoshi N.
    a day

    kareena ap usse third marriage k encourage kar rahi hu wow

  • Sheikh A.
    2 days


  • Minal F.
    2 days


  • Wahid R.
    3 days

    interesting interview

  • Wahid R.
    3 days

    interesting interview

  • Ashish B.
    4 days

    love his calmness

  • Shobana W.
    4 days

    Wow!!Saif is way beyond his years(Wisdom and balance).Kareena is beautiful.But little egoist.But they make a cute couple.All the best Saif,with your beautiful family.Women love praise.That is the weakness ,they later on learn is very detrimental to their own mental health.They end up in self-pity.

  • Vimala J.
    5 days

    Saif has matured a lot. Kareena has a long way to go

  • Maaya S.
    5 days

    Navri Karina ne budha navab....better to have example of good couple with wife Amrita Singh...time to not new children from other woman...time to enjoy life with a woman who take care his two kids Sara and Ibrahim....both are senseless people...

  • Maria N.
    6 days


  • Nancy P.
    7 days

    I can relate to holidays .... you chill... I love that anyway

  • Sabina A.
    7 days

    Oh god dont these channels have anything else to show other than this crap...irritating...her questions his answers....and her expressions...

  • Tushar H.
    7 days

    u have to see this

  • Muhammad U.
    7 days

    see how well the travelling responsibilities are globally synonymous 😈

  • Minni P.
    7 days

    All fine but stop dawood money to become rich overnight. U hv money in yr country which is legitimate n u can still create wealth in due course.

  • Kunjal D.
    15/10/2020 09:02

    Saif is saying dnt be unfaithful in relation....excuse me wt hv u done in ur 1st marriage????

  • Debbie R.
    15/10/2020 01:37

    Stupid answer from Saif.

  • Tulika K.
    14/10/2020 20:28

    Kareena ko har kisi ko fuck kartey rahena chahiye 😡

  • Amulanny S.
    14/10/2020 11:07

    Waste of and your saif

  • Gunjan S.
    14/10/2020 08:47


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