Neha Dhupia On Battling Online Trolls

Before she gets on with the fifth season of her podcast #NoFilterNeha, the redoubtable NEHA Dhupia is busy smashing online trolls into pulp. She told Brut why that’s an important task.

13/09/2020 4:27 PMupdated: 14/09/2020 3:15 PM
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  • Nikki A.
    27/08/2021 02:17

    Today is my 2nd vaccine covishields

  • Suhas S.
    24/09/2020 14:17

    Fake women

  • Wongyalkarma L.
    20/09/2020 05:18

    What the illness

  • Smriti J.
    19/09/2020 15:44

    Beta h na sare... Dimaag kharab h yaha logo ko

  • Rajani S.
    19/09/2020 12:47

    Um you're a celebrity/famous person? That's news to me.

  • Rahul C.
    19/09/2020 08:57

    Violence is never okay but neither is cheating or infidelity. Just watch the video from the below link. Let's see whether cheating/infidelity is a matter of choice or they just normalised it. This contestant had been wrong to hit his ex but that doesn't mean that cheating someone is "just okay". Baatein ghumana koi aap logo se sikhe.

  • Sahil S.
    19/09/2020 05:37

    The trollers should not go to her children parents or relatives. But she should be trolled for verbally abusing contestants on her show

  • Rajat K.
    18/09/2020 08:17

    Your opinion was not about domestic violence. It was about her choice. Baat mat palto didi, na na

  • Arshad M.
    17/09/2020 21:42

  • Sameer F.
    17/09/2020 19:48

    neha thukia 😂😂

  • Cèsûr N.
    17/09/2020 15:40

    I Fucking hate to see the Celebs News or Whatever especially Bollywood on my timeline.

  • Swati D.
    17/09/2020 15:25

    It's part and parcel of being celebrity...if u dnt want opinion stop showing it life on insta...

  • Hemant K.
    17/09/2020 11:42

    "Smashing internet trolls", LOL, I am sure even her family members were like " Kya bol rahi baklol" when she told "It's her choice" in that stupid show. The youth is getting brainwashed by such nonsense shows. A pseudo feminist is all she is. Deletes and hides all comments aganist her actions on her Instagram posts. Free speech is only applicable from there side and there are other celebrities who support this bullshit. The public is neither dumb nor blind.

  • Ravindra M.
    17/09/2020 09:48

    First place why do u put up ur personal stuff and then blame the social media ,ur into public domain ,u cant control how others behave may b they r not interested in listening to u

  • Sabbir H.
    17/09/2020 06:30

    It's her choice. How can you say that? 🤨

  • Himanshu K.
    16/09/2020 11:39

    Neha Ch*@ia.

  • Sumit M.
    16/09/2020 09:53

    It's not a show's a propaganda

  • Faiz S.
    16/09/2020 08:47

    Sabki apni marzii hai maam jaisa apki marzii freedom of speech as you said earlier 😂

  • Meghasree P.
    16/09/2020 07:46

    Sun meri bat .. yeahhh mera choice hey ki mai kis ko troll karungi ok..

  • Raghu P.
    16/09/2020 06:26

    Its her choice