Neha Dhupia On Battling Online Trolls

Before she gets on with the fifth season of her podcast #NoFilterNeha, the redoubtable NEHA Dhupia is busy smashing online trolls into pulp. She told Brut why that’s an important task.

13/09/2020 4:27 PMupdated: 14/09/2020 3:15 PM
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  • Arnab P.
    06/11/2021 04:59

    U r a fucking woman...

  • Ptr P.
    30/08/2021 18:35

    Ap b istrii ho, kuch b kr skte ho.

  • Aditya P.
    30/08/2021 12:26

    Get lost

  • Bharat S.
    30/08/2021 05:37

    it’s our choice

  • Shany A.
    30/08/2021 05:10

    This double standard lady. She used bad words in Rodies and teach us how to be good. Lol She talks about gender equality but she doesn't respect men on Rodies interview. Do not watch her

  • Yogesh S.
    30/08/2021 02:25

    Sometimes it’s okay to accept your mistake but she keeps on arguing and proving her more wrong it’s not put up wrongly she basically said it’s okay and it’s a girl’s choice to have 4 bfs together i mean she is a fucking hypocrite nothing else.

  • Majin A.
    29/08/2021 17:52

    😂😂😂nice fucking content when there's lots of important things to show... nobody wants to listen her 😡😡😡

  • Pankaj R.
    29/08/2021 16:03

    It's her choice....

  • Md S.
    29/08/2021 14:07

    She is a Pseudo feminist piece of shit

  • Papai S.
    29/08/2021 13:32

    It's her choice..

  • Abhishek V.
    29/08/2021 11:25

    Its my choice to troll you who d hell are you...

  • Mayur D.
    29/08/2021 10:56

    If you don't want to be trolled don't give such statements You only got what you had coming your way after "it's her choice"

  • Mobia T.
    29/08/2021 08:47

    Whatever you said it was your choice. And People are trolling because it's their choice 😂

  • Anubhav T.
    29/08/2021 06:32

    You should interview people who are worth the time

  • Savill P.
    29/08/2021 01:45


  • Laku S.
    29/08/2021 00:17

    Its her choice . C can say all rubbish

  • Amit H.
    28/08/2021 18:33

    Overconfidence always collapse like a bridges ... She has an extra attitude which proves her wrong ... Tit for tat 👍

  • DrRaman
    28/08/2021 17:51

    She said opinions were given against Domestic violence, accepted. But when opposite guy suffers the same then her diplomacy walks in calling the ladies as heros. Such diplomatic act laid the ways to critisism she suffered lately

  • Muhammad A.
    28/08/2021 09:32

    Didn't know cheating is a feminist right What rubbish

  • Hritik K.
    28/08/2021 04:20

    Her choice 😂😂😂

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