Pankaj Tripathi On The Little Things In Life

“I have not watched any web series ever.” Pankaj Tripathi knows his priorities! In this Bollywood Bubble interview, he speaks about his dreams and the turning points in his life. Thanks to Rohan Rai!

01/01/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Amit K.
    02/01/2022 08:21

    Btaiye khud tym kharab krta ni

  • Akash M.
    04/10/2021 09:33

    Eta dekho

  • Sharjeel R.
    15/09/2021 20:19

    Jgr Banda❤😘

  • Sachin G.
    04/09/2021 06:33

    भाऊ मग रात्री बरबाद करून आम्ही तुझ्या सीरीज बघायाच्या म्हणजे आम्ही चु..

  • Aroti K.
    27/08/2021 16:56

    Good for you

  • Archana A.
    26/08/2021 08:16

    I like his acting

  • Mukeish J.
    21/08/2021 05:46

    Agar public ne cinema dekhna band kar diya tou fir talaab k kinaare hi baithe rehna 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nivedita P.
    16/08/2021 18:02

    He is such a sweet person- walking talking philosophy

  • Osama F.
    07/08/2021 23:42

    Goat Kaleen bhayya ♥️

  • Shabbar K.
    07/08/2021 06:30

    Just Look At This Man Jani 😍

  • Samir J.
    06/08/2021 16:51

    Pure actor

  • Shailendra P.
    06/08/2021 09:32

    Azamgarh ke upar film 🎥🎥🎥 hai kya agar film ban jaaye to ek bar sir please 🙏🙏

  • Swaroopa K.
    05/08/2021 12:23

    After watching this interview I too decided not to watch any movies in theatre and not watch any web series

  • Turab A.
    04/08/2021 16:16

    Real actor not comercial actor

  • Lalon D.
    02/08/2021 12:08

    Pankaj tripathi and manoj bajpai and nawazuddin siddiqui is very good actor

  • Sunish S.
    02/08/2021 02:41

    😂😂 Well..if people decide same with their Time...Like Instead of watching n spending 2 hrs on Web Series...You wouldn't got famous like this...!! 🥴

  • Mukarram S.
    23/07/2021 18:18

    Matlab Pankaj g hum vishudh chutiya ladke hai jo aapki web siriz dekhte hai apna time nikal ke

  • Subhrata S.
    17/07/2021 22:31

    I am such a big fan of you Tripathiji. God bless many more success to you. Indeed I love the way you are already so successful and contend. 🤗🤗❤️🌹🌹 keep sharing so great and beautiful thoughts to all our generation. Our so divine soul ... super duper human being. God is so proud .... please never get into any materialism of cinema or this world. Stay same and simple .... ❤️

  • Vivek S.
    15/07/2021 11:52 Please subscribe to my channel 😊

  • Manashi B.
    29/06/2021 11:19

    Real man so very natural actor.

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