Priyanka Chopra Jonas Makes Comedians Laugh

“My flight takes off and my accent changes.” Priyanka Chopra Jonas stands out. Even when she’s surrounded by a bunch of chuckleheads from East India Comedy. 😂😂

10/26/2019 2:57 PM
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  • Nacer N.
    02/16/2020 16:01


  • Amisha S.
    02/05/2020 16:28

    yr I love this lady ❤️❤️❤️

  • Eisha A.
    01/19/2020 20:38

    omg i have started liking her after this video I NEED HELP

  • Yamna W.
    01/12/2020 15:05

    middle class and schooling in US

  • Chika E.
    01/01/2020 16:17

    I love priyanka Chopra Jonas personality

  • Sana D.
    12/23/2019 18:34

    she is so amazing! 😆♥️

  • Asha R.
    12/15/2019 14:12

    I have a friend who eats pickle with everything- I think it’s her husband’s cooking, 😝 lol Pickle compensates the real taste

  • Manal M.
    12/15/2019 02:02


  • Charul G.
    12/12/2019 15:29

    watchhh and thank me later.

  • Anisah K.
    12/11/2019 15:19

    the red lady at 5:30 lol

  • Tasfia Y.
    12/11/2019 03:35

    Her sense of humour is incomparable❤️😂

  • Dinu C.
    12/11/2019 02:52

    this is real her i guess

  • Umbar B.
    12/10/2019 21:49

    She is an idiot !

  • Nishi M.
    12/10/2019 10:35

    The fake laughter makes me feel really uncomfortable

  • Hema P.
    12/09/2019 23:55

    She is do genuine. A girl who can laugh at herself..

  • Hidayatul E.
    12/09/2019 23:08

    bcs we’re so used to mixed languages between mother tongue and Eng, (as our Eng never sounds soooo native unless if we want it that way) so we don’t really hv problem to it. But native speakers will definitely hv problems to it. So funny how Priyanka’s Indian accent starts to show up when she’s angry and Nick will not understand and move her to the wall kahkahkahkahkah I found them so cute lah

  • Khairunnisa S.
    12/09/2019 16:20

    She reminds me of u

  • Javeria N.
    12/09/2019 14:22

    Your favorite giving you one magic advice 😁

  • Nkumar A.
    12/09/2019 05:02

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  • Julia P.
    12/08/2019 14:07

    Intelligent,stylish, beautiful, famously, and very down to earth,very humorous 😜out spoken 👍and lots more to share to the world🌐god bless priyanka🙏🏼