Radhika Apte On Self-Love And Sexual Fantasies

This was Radhika Apte’s contribution to OMH's campaign that aims to de-stigmatise female fantasies. 😮😘

31/03/2019 12:07 PM
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  • Nikul P.
    17/04/2019 05:50

    Congraas Hindu Virodhi Party

  • Anuj K.
    13/04/2019 05:00

    I support it

  • Bipasha C.
    12/04/2019 14:27

    Wow so this is a campaign now? Some of you must be really privileged to turn a blind eye to real issues of females removing their womb and make a campaign out of something that's already normalised. Late capitalism makes me laugh.

  • ShreYansh G.
    11/04/2019 17:03

    I suddenly feel bad for Hardik Pandya now.

  • Aditi G.
    10/04/2019 19:17

    7 or 8 years ???? Baapre

  • Thomas J.
    10/04/2019 11:32

    What’s the big deal here ? Do we need a campaign for this ?😂

  • Aman S.
    09/04/2019 21:20


  • Rajkishore K.
    09/04/2019 13:16

    Netflix wali đŸŽ—ïžđŸŽ—ïž

  • Puneeth N.
    07/04/2019 14:01

    And if the same kind of thing is done for a heroine by men . By now it would have been drowned by court cases. Double standard society

  • Alicia P.
    06/04/2019 08:53

    see even Apte knew about fantasising like me when she was 8. Unlike you, who started doing it in Class 8. Chalo, at least something your ex and I have in common. đŸ€Ł

  • Anil M.
    04/04/2019 04:13

    People gone made nowadays they are doing anything to get publicity Bc they are campaigning for masturbation 😂😂 😝 Gender equality faaak boys never campaigned , they do it silently 😝

  • Vaibhav K.
    04/04/2019 01:25

    Bc ye koi ladka bole ki raat ko sone jane se pehle wo kisi ladki k bare me fantasize karta hai, lag jayenge uske😂

  • Raja
    03/04/2019 11:42

    Ask us males & y'all will screw yourselves up. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Sangeetha M.
    02/04/2019 10:51

    Soon we are going to be shameless like early human. Advanced development back to stone age

  • Arun R.
    02/04/2019 07:38


  • Deepan P.
    02/04/2019 03:29

    I mean really? They need a 'campaign' for discussing their sexual fantasies!!? So, basically they are going to share each other's wildest desires openly thinking this is empowering or stuff like that(?). If the same initiative was taken by the other gender would it be appreciated all the same?

  • Simran S.
    01/04/2019 17:53

    This is interesting! Most women would still find it difficult tho.

  • Brut India
    01/04/2019 10:38

    You can learn about 's campaign to de-stigmatise women's fantasies here:

  • Aaditya S.
    01/04/2019 09:03

    Oh My Hrithik huh

  • Samaksh P.
    01/04/2019 07:59

    Sakshi Panda is that you

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