• K. S.
    06/19/2019 07:33

    Thalaivartha enrum superstar😘👑🙏🤘💥

  • Kanwar S.
    01/13/2018 14:54

    Really? Movie stars, sports people, commedians and all sorts of irrelevant people entering politics. Why? Cuz thy famous. Ques- do they have any knowledge and exp of politics to handle a party or a position in the same? Do they actually reserve the right of being called politicians all of a sudden? Are they capable of the same? Answer- Hell no! And it is us, the people who accept them just becuz thy r popular. We don't consider other things. Had we considered all of this, our country would have been a better place. Actually capable people would come up. Please let these people stay in their respective lines and stop making this country a trash. No need for them to join politics now that they got nothing else to do but ruin shit further more.

  • Manoj K.
    01/13/2018 13:59

    Keela vilundhu vilundhu kadharavan ellam Tamilnadu thambigal dha 😂😂🤘 👇 But who cares when an International superstar Rajinikanth in post 😎

  • Sagar N.
    01/13/2018 13:28

    Apna rajnjkant bhai😘😘

  • Manish K.
    01/13/2018 12:21

    Jay ho

  • Kannan S.
    01/13/2018 11:18

    I like Rajini sir as an actor, but not as an politician. - a proud thalaivar Fan

  • Nihal A.
    01/13/2018 11:10


  • Chetan M.
    01/13/2018 11:09

    so what’s the latest development 🧐

  • Tanzeem W.
    01/13/2018 10:43

    Wowww...one of our favourite star is gonna be a politician and this how they control us..this is how they make us fool

  • Milind J.
    01/13/2018 10:37


  • Amit M.
    01/13/2018 10:23

    He is the Boss.. Make him the PM

  • Gowtham R.
    01/13/2018 10:10

    Amisha Surana

  • Nasar A.
    01/13/2018 09:49

    Ye kaalya toh over karta hai

  • Dhana R.
    01/13/2018 09:43

    Don't expect a movie hero to be hero in real life... He recited what script writer gave him .. that's all

  • Kalimullah K.
    01/13/2018 09:38


  • Abhishek S.
    01/13/2018 09:33


  • Kasula P.
    01/13/2018 09:33

    The admin forgot about the great Sr. NTR photo to be played in history of political stars.

  • Shanawaz P.
    01/13/2018 07:45


  • Ishaq B.
    01/13/2018 07:28

    Agar Rajni Anna hyderabad se election me thaire to mera vote pakka hai ..... Mind it ...!!

  • Soyeb K.
    01/13/2018 07:21

    Ijjjat bachani hai to politics may join karo