Ranveer Singh’s Quirky Fashion Sense

Baffled by Ranveer Singh's fashion game? Here are six crazy outfits the actor carried off in style... 😎🤓👀

13/02/2019 12:55 PM
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  • Tushar S.
    08/03/2019 08:54


  • Bïľâľ Ķ.
    07/03/2019 17:32

    dipika k bechoo ko serkes dekhne jane ki jeruret nehi rehegi 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sunetra B.
    03/03/2019 20:09

    Aryesh Saha

  • Nong C.
    03/03/2019 09:55

    BOLE toh maine aaj tak iska ek bhi movie nhi dekha 😂😂😂

  • Richa S.
    03/03/2019 06:41

    Its Only Ranveer who can make the headlines...for a Man so Daring to wear such colors n styles...U Go Ranveer!!!

  • Gulista S.
    02/03/2019 10:31

    Well absolutely true, that no can pull off all the outfits better than him..luv❤️😍😍

  • Chirag M.
    25/02/2019 11:01

    Over acting sala.

  • Abeyson J.
    25/02/2019 05:21

    Abela Chora😂😂

  • Manasvi D.
    25/02/2019 02:15

    Only Ranveer can carry Manish Arora's quirky edgy outfits with that ease 😭😭❤️❤️❤️👌👌

  • Surojeetz J.
    24/02/2019 07:36

    Kuch bhi😕

  • Ramani B.
    24/02/2019 06:49

    he is awesome ❤️ crazy, so energetic. Love you 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Sinjini M.
    24/02/2019 05:32

    Idk y bt i love his fashion sense ❤ he is so confident n cute

  • Aaryan J.
    23/02/2019 16:18

    Brut india I really like you're content but don't say he pulled it off ... He sucked literally in every outfit but people just accept it because now it's been there for some it so

  • રમતો જ.
    22/02/2019 07:18

    Dipu Patel dekh Tera ranveer

  • Amit S.
    21/02/2019 12:11

    Maha chutiya jacket he ab bol arora ka he to kya

  • Amit S.
    21/02/2019 12:10

    Ise style nai sarasar duniya se bhatke huye insan kaha jata he

  • Mahendra M.
    21/02/2019 12:06


  • Barsha S.
    21/02/2019 11:08

    I think he is unique 💓 for me he is stunning 😘 😘

  • Sanchita S.
    20/02/2019 13:25


  • Poorvisha R.
    17/02/2019 19:42

    All those people hating on this guy - well let me share something that I’ve learnt from reading what fashion designers say about “weird designs”. They’re not meant to be everyday wear. As explained in all the captions, all of these outfits carry some message and it’s only by making it hit the extreme can one explore the idea fully. Why do you think Lady Gaga wears those outfits? Really it has little to do with her personal fashion sense and more about red carpets turning into ramps. It’s spectacular I say. I am sure RS dresses subtly when the occasion is different. Soon, such ideas can be adapted into everydaywear in subtler ways. And by god the guy’s seriously rocking all of those outfits and whatever they signify. Wear a boring tuxedo if you please but he’s in the entertainment business and he takes it seriously. And he’s doing so with his outfits. And all those saying, “talk about world poverty instead of this”, please shove your ass off Facebook, and spend all that internet money on orphanages.

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