• Rajendran S.
    02/08/2018 17:08

    Go to hell! You idiot!

  • Namo N.
    03/07/2018 15:58

    You are more indian

  • Deepu B.
    03/07/2018 14:51


  • Sekmey T.
    03/07/2018 13:02

    RESPECT bro 👍🏻👏🏻

  • Kunwar A.
    03/07/2018 09:39

    Are yaar tum sab hamare bhai bahno ki tarah ho koi aisi baat nahi hai kuch log aise hai jo ye sab karte hai woh unki lack of knowledgeki wajah se hai or kuch Indian goverment ki galti hai ki north east ko hum logo se itna alag kar diya ki hum log ek dusre ko pahchaan hi nahi paaye khair ab sab log jaagrook ho rahe hai sab jaldi hi samajh jayenge jo abhi bhi nahi samjhe hai samjhe toh hum hai unko samjhane ke liye WE ALL ARE ONE LOVING AND PEACEFULL INDIA ♥️ main sabhi hindustaan niwasiyo se kahna chahta hoon bhaiyo tumhe kahi bhi north east ke log mile unki help karo koi bhi unhe pareshaan kare turant police ko calll karo unhe support karo plz Its My humble request

  • Ro K.
    03/07/2018 07:41

    "Sometimes i feel like Rap music is almost the key to stopping racism" Eminem

  • Suresh X.
    03/07/2018 04:32


  • Chino P.
    03/07/2018 01:55

    India 🇮🇳 is the worst country I had ever been to.the problem majority of Indians had is that they are narrow minded people,but I don’t really blame you guys because majority of you had never traveled out of India to see life outside India,I challenge Indian youths to have a plan of traveling to other countries.travelling is part of education .if not for north east people I wouldn’t stay in India for 5mins.NORTH EAST IS THE BEST IN INDIA BOTH IN EDUCATION AND THINKING

  • Ugen W.
    02/07/2018 17:42

    He ain't bad...his lyrics is lyrical...n his flow is seleagon..matter-fact..he is straight outta A.pradesh..but on this song he is spittin reality..which is good..

  • Sandeep N.
    02/07/2018 17:10

    Faltu baat

  • Chandra K.
    02/07/2018 11:43

    Good to see you

  • Sudip A.
    02/07/2018 01:41

    2m log kya karta Arunachal me non tribal logo k saath 2m kesa sulukh karta hey agar hum batana shuru kar diya so us din se 2m log jaha dikhega aur wahi pitega sala haramiyo..

  • Jesse J.
    02/07/2018 00:17

    Indian from Mongolian race......

  • Mater R.
    01/07/2018 15:00

    Yes .u r. Done

  • Khaswrang L.
    01/07/2018 14:17

    I love K4 kheko

  • Wangkhem J.
    01/07/2018 11:51

    I am okay even if they call me Chinese or Japanese. It is like saying that I am from more developed countries. This will never end because in India literate people commit more crimes than illiterate so don't care.

  • Bikash K.
    01/07/2018 11:34

    I love k 4 k kho

  • Rakesh B.
    01/07/2018 08:41

    True Indian. Love you

  • Onii C.
    29/06/2018 23:44

    One of the best song from North East

  • Yaniu T.
    29/06/2018 09:50

    Very Nice video

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