Rapper K4 Kekho Combats Prejudice With A Catchy Tune

This rapper has an important message for the country: people from the northeast are Indians, too.

06/20/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Rohit S.
    06/20/2018 01:34

    Yaar aisa Kuch Ni hii !!

  • Sai K.
    06/20/2018 02:32

    "I was three months old when I incurred my first fracture. Since then, I have had my bones fractured for more than 50 times. An ailment called brittle bone disease makes my bones highly vulnerable to fractures. I went into depression for 6 long years and today, I am finally out of it and have a multi-faceted career. I had this desire to never let my 90% disability hinder my growth. As I took the challenges, I am now a singer, a dancer, a graphic designer, an author and a happiness coach on a mission to spread smiles. My work took me places and the tales of my fortitude have traveled the world. Today, I am the fourth global icon for my leadership qualities, after Helen Keller, Stephen Hawking and Srikanth Bolla. I see a lot of people cribbing about the petty issues and want to tell them that no problem is unconquerable. So the next time you lack the motivation to fight your problems and feel like giving up, remember that I conquered it all with a single finger and so can you!" Sai Kaustuv, 26, Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh :) I would like to share my inspiring story through

  • Mahesh G.
    06/20/2018 02:40

    Stop racism.

  • Harpal S.
    06/20/2018 03:09

    Super.every Indian living in any part of India is a very much Proud Indian, so are our North eastern brothers.

  • Asish M.
    06/20/2018 03:13

    Love u vai...

  • Dexter W.
    06/20/2018 03:31

    You ever heard about him?

  • Swamikumar L.
    06/20/2018 03:58

    Love u guy

  • Soren B.
    06/20/2018 04:07

    U nd i both r indians man.... k4 rocks....

  • Sunny S.
    06/20/2018 05:33


  • Sunny S.
    06/20/2018 05:36

    Tum bhosdi walo pure northeast me naxalism failaye ho! Nagaland Meghalaya ko Christian terrorism ka centre bana diye ho! Aur yaha bakchodi kar rahey ho

  • Nurul A.
    06/20/2018 06:20

    We all love you brother.

  • Endru Z.
    06/20/2018 06:47

    Proud of him....God Bless...😎

  • Vikash P.
    06/20/2018 07:10

    Asli indian to NorthEast ke log hi h ...... hum north waale hi Desh ko barbaad karne par tulle hue hai .

  • Thupten T.
    06/20/2018 07:53

    Why you force yourself to be an Indian when you are genetically different Race from India

  • Soumava M.
    06/20/2018 08:05

    We love our brothers n sisters in the northeast. It is just a region in the beautiful land that's India.

  • Biki D.
    06/20/2018 08:34

    Proud of you bro..😊✌️

  • Shirish K.
    06/20/2018 08:48


  • Yuingam K.
    06/20/2018 08:51


  • Narayana R.
    06/20/2018 09:03

    we are freedom.....

  • Rajesh K.
    06/20/2018 09:29

    He sounds like Yo Yo Honey Singh