Role In Movie On 26/11 Made Anupam Kher Emotional

Anupam Kher and Dev Patel expressed their feelings about acting in Anthony Maras’s upcoming film, Hotel Mumbai. It’s based on how Mumbai’s Taj Hotel braved the 26/11 terror attack. 🎬

30/03/2019 12:33 PM
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  • Nadine V.
    28/11/2020 14:12

    My Belgian neighbor was staying in this hotel for a few days, he went to Mumbai for business. It was planned that he will take his flight back to Belgium the day after... but it never happened, he was murdered in his room 😢😭 Imagine how traumatic it was for his family to hear about this horrific news, thousands of miles away... His wife was so devastated that she killed herself one year later... Super sad story 😭

  • Leksi M.
    27/11/2020 02:35

  • Jay N.
    26/11/2020 22:01

    The government which was in power at that time should have retaliated strongly using the Army and the Air Force. Just like George Bush did after Twin Tower attacks.

  • MD I.
    26/11/2020 16:22


  • Hannan S.
    26/11/2020 10:55

    Movie name?

  • Ashok S.
    26/11/2020 10:26

    Anupham kher ? Voila ! 🤭

  • Nadir K.
    26/11/2020 09:18

    One terrorist attack supposedly by Pakistan; compare that to thousands of terrorist attacks in Pakistan by India. Obviously I’m not justifying this attack, what happened was completely wrong, but please do bother to look at the picture holistically.

  • Rauf U.
    26/11/2020 09:09

    Not much tramatic and painful than Kashmir killings.

  • Riz H.
    26/11/2020 08:19

    Mumbai attack was a barbaric inhuman act of terrorism which should be condemned everywhere. Pakistan and Indian intelligence agencies should work together to capture those responsible and punish them at all cost.

  • Nisha A.
    26/11/2020 08:17

    Isha Ahuja

  • Poonam S.
    26/11/2020 08:03


  • Mayur S.
    26/11/2020 07:33

    Amazingly created though they could have cast someone else in place of Dev. In the scene when he meets his family in the small shanty home he is clearly out of place !! Dev Patel is too anglicised

  • Karma D.
    26/11/2020 07:19

    now pakistanis will say kasab indian tha bekasoor tha raw a agent tha etc etc.

  • Ahmad R.
    26/11/2020 07:09

    A Historical False Flag Operation 26/11 Planned and Executed by Indian RAW ... Bhagaats can ruin anything for their vision of Akhaaand Baharat

  • Ali F.
    26/11/2020 06:44

    I am an Indian Shia Muslim and I am ashamed that there is only one terrorism in the world and that is called Islamic terrorism.Crores supporting terrorists will be found in our Muslim society, but no one will speak against terrorists. And when the world says that Islamic terrorism, Then Muslims will say that there is no religion of terrorism whereas at the time of blasting the Islamic terrorism, Allah Hu Akbar blows himself up. There are 57 Muslim countries in the world but there is no harm in anyone that any Islamic extremist can utter a word against the terrorists, it is far from punishing them.

  • Theertha T.
    26/11/2020 06:34

    Strange and its questionable... india wouldn't taken any retaliation after this horrific incident..... 🙄

  • Muthuvelu S.
    26/11/2020 06:25


  • Hassan H.
    26/11/2020 06:18

    Another try to radicalise and spark hatred among ppl of India and Pakistan. They just can’t ever try to make this region peaceful.

  • Stef C.
    26/11/2020 06:13

    The video is good, but evil mentalities corrupt everything, reading through the comments you can identify those with pure minds and those with evil minds (both sides), those who take the past as a lesson and motivation toward peace and unity, and those who corrupt the past experiences by being hateful and racist, all the bad things that happen expose the wolves amongst the sheep and we can more clearly see the seperation of the good and evil minds

  • Venkataraman S.
    26/11/2020 05:59

    Wow worst attack on indian soil all been instantly punished by our brave soldiers incl attack on peaceful Jewish centres

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