Sara Ali Khan On Skin Colour

Did Sara Ali Khan flub her lines while talking about India’s fair skin obsession? The young actor was speaking to Barkha Dutt at the We The Women summit in Bengaluru.

17/11/2019 6:57 AM
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  • Makum D.
    03/04/2021 02:44

    sara alikhan is merra dosti hai hum arunachal pradish

  • Somya M.
    11/05/2020 07:56

    She is very well brought up...her ideas are crisp prompt and clear

  • Vishakha S.
    06/05/2020 04:04

    What an idiot.

  • Hemalatha N.
    03/03/2020 16:47

    I admire her for being able to argue with stupid Barkha dutt so effectively!

  • Animalion P.
    24/02/2020 02:41

    Men do notice when they have options to choose their mate, and it is an evolutionary trait for women to pull back the other women, from ... so that her own eggs...., we exist because we have selfish genes. For example, if today women you would try to show overconfidence/too brave, neglect safety would tend to reproduce less... and their so genes of bravery would go down, and the women population would again comprise of women who would try their best to please/attract their mate!

  • Sabina Y.
    18/02/2020 06:13

    Very practical

  • Vanshika T.
    17/02/2020 20:38

    Sakshi Katiyar This girl❤️

  • Ravindra S.
    17/02/2020 14:13

    Ndtv has already banned promoting such fairness products since quite long.. and probably it was the first news channel to do so..

  • Brut India
    17/02/2020 06:11

    Sara Ali Khan's candidness was on full display when she appeared on Kareena Kapoor Khan's chat show:

  • Mirab I.
    16/02/2020 19:02

    Love this girl.♥️

  • Shaunak K.
    16/02/2020 18:07

    ही बरखा ला टोमणे मारतीये का 😛…?

  • Mona S.
    16/02/2020 16:16

    Sara,you are so witty and prompt. Every word that you spoke was so connected to the whole questionaire thrown at you. Intelligible answering!

  • Vani S.
    16/02/2020 15:50

    Just love wen she said ..Kuch karna hai to karo but announcing making chaos n doing is useless.. she is so honest ..

  • Madhulika B.
    16/02/2020 13:53

    Somebody pls told her putting some powder on ur face doesnt make u fair it's easy to make such statement with a blabber mouth, when ur not the one who is facing the real consequences. Being dark skinned girl in india is definitely not a cake, walk. It is easy to dominate others for the thing God has not given them..people will make fun of you and find it humorous. Beauty is a definition only for fair skinned people, rest all are mistakes. You will always be the last choice of your opposite gender.

  • Prabal B.
    16/02/2020 13:31

    Please dont fall your class of news like this.

  • Andrea J.
    16/02/2020 11:24

    Excellent diction

  • Geetika P.
    16/02/2020 11:22

    Very smart...🤗

  • Mukesh D.
    16/02/2020 06:22

    Not face lots of negative...

  • Shilpi D.
    16/02/2020 05:12


  • Ragini G.
    16/02/2020 04:40

    Bharkha is so irritating

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