• Kireet D.
    10/07/2019 02:52

    But I like your hair cut style

  • Ambalika B.
    03/07/2019 16:17

    Celebrities have money and means No use keeping their example Common people can't afford

  • Sharadha B.
    02/07/2019 07:05

    I am a metastatic stage 4 survivor. I got my treatment in chennai very much in India. It is almost 15 years. I feel sad for these people who preach about their country but no respect for it.

  • Jasleen W.
    01/07/2019 16:00

    God bless u

  • Chanakya C.
    27/06/2019 02:30

    Yes upto my knowledge in USA there is no such persons who used to practice without proper degree but in India due to quakery the detection of disease was great job of subsiding the classic symptoms by these quacks especially in villages who knew nothing and practice in India so even politicians are willing to go abroad for treatment that's why India will be a developing country for ever ....

  • Mridula K.
    25/06/2019 14:16

    Raheeso k chonchle

  • Mridula K.
    25/06/2019 14:15

    Stage par nahi apne friends Ko batao bahan. How can we go

  • Sandhya A.
    24/06/2019 18:47

    Hats off to her..

  • Geeta T.
    22/06/2019 18:09

    It's TRUE that we are taught to endure pain We neglect ourselves saying asa to gota hai It's normal Only when it becomes unbearable we go for consultation and treatment

  • Radhika P.
    22/06/2019 04:35

    She is explaining this to a public who would definitely ask her 'why didnt u go elsewhere for treatment',if something goes wrong for her

  • Rajita P.
    21/06/2019 04:13

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  • Rajita P.
    20/06/2019 12:14

    My self healer of cancer 8280987264 , 8917677919

  • Rajita P.
    20/06/2019 12:13

    My self healer of cancer

  • Hrudaya P.
    19/06/2019 05:35

    Who cares whr u treated ur cancer! I CNT TAKE A CHANCE ? Wht d hell ?? I mean treating in India is taking a chance??? U r clearly demeaning ur country by this statement ur wish u can go whrever u want!!! Thank god u didn't say before starting ur career in Bollywood otherwise u would HV been struggling with a cancer like a common man does

  • Sonia K.
    19/06/2019 02:38

    ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ

  • Puja D.
    18/06/2019 12:12

    How is this even a point of contention? She could afford it and did it. He family wanted the best for her and they did it. Simple! For people questioning her, I just want to ask this - if you had been in her place, wouldn't you have done the same?

  • Afreen S.
    18/06/2019 10:33

    What about common ppls dealing here in india.. Think about it mam... W r facing since 2014 still fighting with cancer... W r not capable to go USA... AAP URHAAN awaaz garebo k liye dawaya bechte india Mai 500 ki dawaa 10000 Mai.... Thak chuke patient ab to ye haal patients KA bolte marne do humey isi haal Mai.... Hum jeetey khaatey peety yahi india Mai per afsos ke koi nai rahi KA sochne waalaa... Bus sub ke sub apni jebey barney Mai busy

  • Pia C.
    17/06/2019 07:24

    After this nobody even cares....India could be first to invent anti metastasis drug in the whole world!!!!!!

  • Pia C.
    17/06/2019 07:21

    Eureka moment: City scientists find agent to prevent metastasis Jhimli Mukherjee Pandey | tnn | Dec 9, 2017, 06:00 IST TNN Kolkata: Four city scientists have pinpointed a specific part of the human DNA that is responsible for metastasis and discovered an anti-cancer agent that can prevent it. The findings have been published in leading oncology journal ‘Oncotarget’ and have created a stir. The team has already won the patent of M2 — the anti-cancer agent — and is gearing up for the start of clinical trial. It all started when DNA researcher Subhrangshu Chatterjee, who was working on anti-cancer chemicals, found that the molecular structure of a chemical — M2 — was able to kill cancer cells. He got in touch with senior alumnus Deba Prasad Mandal, a cancer biology specialist and a faculty of the West Bengal State University, to see the behaviour of the molecules on cancer cells. Mandal and his faculty colleague, Shamee Bhattacharjee, found that the molecules worked rapidly on a specific non-coding RNA (an intrinsic part of the DNA that does not code protein). They named this RNA ‘Linc00273’ and proved that it was this RNA that was responsible for cancer metastasis. “There are thousands of RNAs in our cell. A few thousands have been discovered in the scientific world, though we have been able to know functions of only a handful of RNAs. ‘Linc00273’ is one such but thanks to our experiments with M2, we found that it is responsible for causing metastasis and M2 is able to annihilate this RNA to prevent metastasis,” explained Mandal. The findings are special because the research has, apart from animal samples for the experiments, used cancerous human tissues that were specially made available by a cancer hospital. “It was possible for me to bring in post-biopsy cancerous tumours to finetune the experiment. We were finally able to conclude that M2 prevented ‘Linc0023’ from spreading,” said Gopeshwar Mukherjee of Barasat Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, the fourth member of the team. He stressed that winning the patent was just the first step, the real challenge would be to use it for treatment, but that cannot happen without clinical trial. City doctors sounded interested in the breakthrough. “We hope that the clinical trial starts soon,” said oncologist Goutam Mukhopadhyay. “Chemotherapy has advanced and we are trying to control metastasis through targeted therapy. But this might open up a new vista, we will wait for the outcome of the clinical trial,” oncologist Subir Ganguly added. Download the Times of India News App for Latest City News VIEW SAMPLE 10 stories that matter, delivered to your inbox Your email address TOP COMMENT My father is suffering from lunges cancer. Please help me to meet one of these concerned doctors to know more about it. Ananya Chakraborty READ ALL COMMENTS TOP TRENDS Mamata BanerjeeImran KhanSCO Summit 2019England vs West IndiesWest Bengal doctors strikeMS DhoniIndia vs PakistanNarendra ModiJee Advanced ResultKolkata doctors strikeIndia vs PakistanCLAT Result 2019RRB Notification 2019World Cup 2019 ScheduleICC World Cup 2019Budget 2019 dateNewsHoroscope TodayLongwalks AppOrder Newspaper ABOUT US | TERMS OF USE Copyright © 2019 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.

  • Shobhita D.
    17/06/2019 03:57

    Well said Dr. Dattaroy

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