Sonali Bendre On Pay Disparity And More

“If I put in more, if I bring in more, I need to get paid more.” Sonali Bendre Behl says it like it is in this freewheeling chat with Brut India.

13/09/2020 6:57 AM
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  • Ravindra M.
    17/09/2020 10:19

    R u such a class actor no, ur definetly not ,yet u charged a hell lot for ur talent in south movies so ur no better

  • Vinay T.
    17/09/2020 06:00

    Its not about men and women paid more . Most of the films are hero centric so the important characters paid more . There are some heroin centric films in that women are paid more .

  • K R.
    15/09/2020 12:13

    At the office the receptionist (female) get paid more.

  • Geetaa B.
    14/09/2020 18:32

    I agree to that across all careers everyone should be paid for what they bring in. I have been through this in my last organisation, it might not be nepotism here but then the groupism comes in, where one fellow belong to the managers community he gets paid more. It's non sense. I am happy I got out of that shit but never know where else it is happening and people who did it is will pay for it for sure.

  • Abdl R.
    14/09/2020 07:58

    The male actors are the crowd pullers and the success of a movies usually depends on the role of the male actors. The male actors usually are the key characters in the movies.

  • Mohit B.
    14/09/2020 03:59

    I some point female deserving actors should get more or equal pay... BUT sirf apne dum pe movie ko HIT / SUPERHIT karwane ki koobat bhi to honi chaiye.. मतलब फ़ीमेल हो तो patriarchy के नाम पे कुछ भी बोल दो. लड़का हो या लड़की....जो डिज़र्व करता है उसे मिलना चाइए ।

  • Abdi G.
    13/09/2020 14:06

    😂😂 You guys will suffer as long salman khan and nepotism stay in power in bollywood

  • Debditya S.
    13/09/2020 13:53

    Wow...the comment section is toxic!!!!!

  • RaghuRam T.
    13/09/2020 13:28

    I don't think it's a function of gender..I think it's the function of revenue you generate. Popular south heroines like Nayantara, Anushka have reached their super stardom and they do work on individual projects.

  • Vimal M.
    13/09/2020 13:26

    I don't understand that where all these kind of species get gyan? When they not in the business.

  • Karthik P.
    13/09/2020 12:52

    Nonsense , i wonder why did all low paying jobs like plumber , scavenging , fire fighters , bouncers, security forces why did women wont work and prove , it is all just for getting famous these days patriarchy and all dramas coming out. There are so many laws discriminating men. Oh god save men from women's dominating & discriminating world. When you deserve you will be paid for that, remaining all nonsense.

  • Sheerin F.
    13/09/2020 11:55

    I just loved the way she spoke ...just wow ❤️

  • Amitava G.
    13/09/2020 10:08

    This is wrong. Patriarchy doesn't exists in most places. I mean not in good places. Being a man is also difficult, given the amount of pressure we have to deal with. No one wants to be with an unemployed guy. Society doesn't accept them. But anyone will marry and take care of a woman irrespective of their income. Men get paid more because they can grind more. It's biological. Most women can't do that. statistically they go in roles those are more people caring. Not because they are weak, but they are kinder than the men at the same position. The competition out there is cut throat and dirty in the corporate world. Being a woman CEO is more difficult than a male CEO. So the ones out there have really gone out of their way. In sectors like IT my female colleagues get just as much as they pay the guy in the same position. Yet we find more women as doctors and nurses. Most women are kind , and sometimes limited my their physical capabilities. They should be compensated differently, like more leaves and such. All apples are not same. People should just stop saying words all the time

  • Deep A.
    13/09/2020 09:39

    She was a bad actor. Never carried a film on her shoulders. Except for Sarfarosh, dont think she had any hit. So this pay parity thing has to be seen in perspective...!

  • Rohan G.
    13/09/2020 08:26

    You don't get paid on the basis of gender. You get paid on the basis of business you bring. Pair Deepika opposite Uday Chopra, Deepika will be paid more. It is all about the money and audience you bring in.

  • Kuldeep T.
    13/09/2020 08:24


  • Jalandhar B.
    13/09/2020 08:24

    Short time forget all

  • Potom B.
    13/09/2020 08:07

    She is so pretty💕💕

  • Mashfiq K.
    13/09/2020 07:55

    Sorry, when was Sonali an in demand actress ? She was shit and used to play more supporting roles than main ones. That's why she didn't get paid that much. This equality stuff is just being sorted now in both Hollywood and Bollywood. This is sensationalism reporting here to fill Facebook posts. Her greatest role has been surviving cancer and is an inspiration to everyone.

  • Rajratna G.
    13/09/2020 07:53

    Because actors focus on acting and actresses focus on revealing their bodies. Ex- Disha Patani, Jaqueline and many more. And I am sure people will call me chauvinist, patriarchal, misogynist etc. Bollywood should have a criterion which shouldn't allow any actors/actresses to exist in the industry who don't have basic acting skills. That's their primary job. They shouldn't exist just because they reveal their bodies, skin, figure, flaunt assets..90% of actresses just exist because of their body. They can't even act. Tiktokers, YouTubers are way better than these vulgar people.

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