Sonam And Kareena Talk About Sexuality

On Sonam Kapoor’s 34 birthday, here is the actor talking about changing society. The video is courtesy of Ishq FM.

09/06/2019 3:00 AM
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  • Rekha B.
    26/03/2021 18:36


  • Vishal G.
    14/03/2021 19:17

    These both women are so much hypocrites that firstly they actually say black live matter but in reality they criticized dark skin people in bollywood industry

  • Rashda T.
    25/10/2020 18:08

    Sonam is mixture of everything 😂😂😂😂

  • Kuna P.
    09/10/2020 08:12

    How can change the older society? Let's them go as usual? Just obey yourself to them? Then everything will be OK? Don't try to change? As because they are base value for all value??? When you obey that value;you can know what does it mode??? Once take up;you will be enough OK on every angle without any mistake? Same value same aspirations but with new version without leaving any type of version. Better than best comes from there??? Prove... Now recent trends is sexiest? Sexiest is pronunciation value of concentrate love ( sex) to be come out for addressing that the same love value to get match able value to that sex value as like as it is??? Inner love & outer love getting at a point;not match point;as you have to valuate it??? So dear??? Outer and inner at a point valuating the value point value is your sex interpretation sex value??? Giving motivation to that value is your gain your assets methodology??? So point is when sexy value trend is going ;you have to valuate your inner power point? Rest on nature?? But when it will be more for outer value love by defeating the sexy as well as inner love;energy pronunciation says it will go for its placement enquiry? Consequences;explosion??? But nature's has awesome high power parenteral value by own self? So it will take it's as usual value sentence? But placement is placement? Where it will define right or wrong;it will give disastrous answer for all? So most Rape cases is due to monopoly attitude outer love upon sex to outer answer value? Has to concise that outer over the range? Then automatically nature parenteral power value will get value? For whom? For you and we only? As nature is nature? Kyuin ki energy neither destroy not create but just it gets interpret??? Which is called our value and valuation? What? That interpretation interpret point value??? So be Sexy but don't be monopoly??? It is modernization??? Two phase;as per atomic structure;Ground state and super level excited state? Both are one defining state for each other??? So should go on parallel version??? Like a girl from village and a girl from Mumbai? Another way... See your childhood and your recent value at a point for point of focus for all evaluation valuation to value valuation strategy of status??? Same rules... @kuna Pradhan;orissa

  • Kuna P.
    09/10/2020 07:38

    Saheli re saheli yeisa kyeisa hai ye paheli??? 1st let know? What enjoying value your counter participant male getting from you;you don't know? Also vice versa is true??? But science motto says woman gets 3 times more value than her man? But her man says I am getting much more value??? As I am a male??? Ram janne;yarr??? Matlab kya hai??? Duniya? 2+2=4 & 2×2 = 4 ??? Means total continuity is going under fulfillment value? So nature's compensatory value doesn't harass ;means both getting that point for all that points of point;aur kya??? Jeise vas difference conductance means conducting the value of kitna durr fir kitna pass for durr durr takk??? @kuna Pradhan;orissa

  • Kuna P.
    09/10/2020 06:28

    Sex is not unanimous but very much unanimous??? How? What is limit and continuty? Whenever there is no discontinuity judgement you can't go to continuous continuity upon limit??? So comes a verb localize and unanimous? Both value at a point is the value of sex and sexuality? Enjoyment programming is continuous process? So beauty value is it's address? But when you go for eternity it is inner beauty? But beauty is beauty? So both inside beauty and outside beauty of the beauty value for anyone is that point of sex value to valuate it??? Those who couldn't able to valuate it they may goes under that phobia;unless it is not that??? Why sexy trend is continuing? Because to valuate that definite value? Not that you will be gets increment to your outer value;so that... But it is negative way positivity for definite positivity? Prove answer is just Reflex action of human body? It is enough to understand;just I think? Other value? To my Aish;only??? @kuna Pradhan;orissa

  • Uzma A.
    07/09/2020 04:17

    This is not with fairhumanity

  • Ashraf S.
    13/08/2020 17:20

    Boycott bollywood Mafia

  • Navjit R.
    27/07/2020 19:59

    Please learn to talk first.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Benita B.
    23/07/2020 15:08

    Nobody would have giving her the time of day if she was ! not Anil Kapoors daughter ! She should just go away ! Can’t stand her squeaky voice and her stupid laughter makes me grind my teeth

  • Afreen R.
    18/07/2020 17:10

    Talsa merr kunjayii..akh wastage gacha cum mulkess🤧🤧

  • Matt M.
    17/07/2020 21:27

    Films and art lol but not both of urs smh

  • Meenu T.
    17/07/2020 08:36


  • Azeem P.
    15/07/2020 21:46


  • Azeem P.
    15/07/2020 21:46


  • Fateymah C.
    14/07/2020 18:55

    And khusrapan is also that you are born with its not by choice... You look like one😝😝

  • Leela M.
    13/07/2020 13:57

    Who are they to talk about this?

  • Nilanjana
    11/07/2020 06:37

    She is a plastic material ...nothing is true what she says

  • Rashmi A.
    10/07/2020 01:51

    Ban and boycott this foolish products of nepotism 😡

  • सिन्धिअंशान स.
    07/07/2020 13:38

    Being gay n living it in society is very challenging n has loads of hardships...why would a human out of choice go through this kind a hell? Being gay makes it almost certain that you will live a lonely life...who would out of choice choose it? There are things which are the way they are. Please don't turn young gay looking for love as a piece of blackmail for money making criminals.

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