Sonam And Kareena Talk About Sexuality

On Sonam Kapoor’s 34 birthday, here is the actor talking about changing society. The video is courtesy of Ishq FM.

09/06/2019 3:00 AM
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  • Mahum Y.
    11/08/2021 16:27

    Would kareena and sonam will support their kids if they like the same gender not opposite.

  • Premkumar T.
    31/07/2021 23:25


  • Afifa K.
    30/07/2021 10:31

    Kareena stop over acting its a radio show right not a photo shoot

  • Nokhaiz R.
    24/07/2021 12:55

    My crush

  • Deepali K.
    21/07/2021 06:13

    Sonam: "baiyyaaaa... Mere liye Thora tea laana" Guy: "kaunsa tea ma'am?" Sonama: "Sexxxxxuaaaalitea"

  • Shahana P.
    19/07/2021 12:43

    two scholars r talking abuot. if their parents were homo sexual they were not be able to see this world.

  • Anjana D.
    12/07/2021 19:06

    These gals are gone crazy make their own stupid show create their own thoughts discuss with own stupid pear group like minded rubbish to just proving there are not dumb dodos super duffers cant check realities on topic some research....funny

  • Pixie D.
    26/06/2021 10:23

    This is to promote one of her movies in which she has played the role of a homosexual Punjabi girl.

  • Anoushay L.
    24/06/2021 11:03

    Chalo nikalo tum famous ho is ka Matlab ye nahi ky no sense si batein karo gi to wo acceptable hongi

  • Marre N.
    23/06/2021 06:58

    I knew it hahaha SONAM KAPOOR LESBIANO🤣😅😅🤣

  • Priyanka C.
    22/06/2021 19:41

    yaa thats y they constantly make fun of karan johar's sexuality on almost every platform... or add effeminate characters in movies and make fun of them?and also isnt sonam kapoor the one who speaks a lot on animal rights and then was seen flaunting a python leather bag?! hmmmmmmmm not surprised by her hypocrisy though 😊

  • Priyanka T.
    20/06/2021 06:21

    Overacting ki dukaan

  • Suparna S.
    17/06/2021 21:26

    One stupid is asking.. Another stupid is answering!! 😅😅😅

  • Dilip G.
    17/06/2021 11:01


  • Irfan B.
    15/06/2021 10:09

    What nonsense

  • Irfan B.
    15/06/2021 10:09

    U do have a choice

  • Irfan B.
    15/06/2021 10:09

    So ridiculous

  • Netra I.
    26/04/2021 10:12

    Ab Ghodo ke race main Gadhe bhi daudenge 😂😂😂😂

  • Vishal G.
    14/03/2021 19:17

    These both women are so much hypocrites that firstly they actually say black live matter but in reality they criticized dark skin people in bollywood industry

  • Rashda T.
    25/10/2020 18:08

    Sonam is mixture of everything 😂😂😂😂