• Shamir D.
    04/02/2018 02:04


  • Shrish T.
    04/02/2018 02:12

    Stupid comedians taking a jab at north indians to prove they are best .. Such a low thing to do

  • Bikram J.
    04/02/2018 02:12

    😂 dosai hota tu ne btaya nhi

  • अशोक म.
    04/02/2018 02:17


  • Danial K.
    04/02/2018 02:18

    you were asking 😛

  • Deepti P.
    04/02/2018 02:18


  • Vivek S.
    04/02/2018 02:19

    badla 😂

  • Jitender B.
    04/02/2018 02:19

    😂😂😂 their words, but i could hear you...

  • Abhinav S.
    04/02/2018 02:20


  • Kirti D.
    04/02/2018 02:20

    still i hate south movies

  • Kalyani B.
    04/02/2018 02:20

    North Indians come to Bengaluru Chennai Hyderabad and don't learn the native language nor do they try to But show off that the city has been developed by them and not by the natives. They spoil our culture if they don't want to follow it atleast don't mock south Indians who follow it they want us to know Hindi just because it is most spoken language in North According to our constitution there is no national language in India but these North Indians think Hindi is our national language

  • Krishna B.
    04/02/2018 02:22


  • Basil S.
    04/02/2018 02:23

    South💪🏻 lol

  • Akash S.
    04/02/2018 02:28

    : ischool

  • Tia R.
    04/02/2018 02:28

    Morning hatred served hot by brut

  • Kamalesh P.
    04/02/2018 02:29

    Between all this we love each other.

  • Samarth K.
    04/02/2018 02:31

    Bhuppi Lather

  • Piyush I.
    04/02/2018 02:31

    But Chennai express is directed by Rohit Shetty and story written by subhash Krishnan

  • Nishant K.
    04/02/2018 02:32

    North and South ,the world of differences ,,that's not just in India,,its in USA too,, they have a history of war,the civil war between the union army of the north and the confederate army of the south,even after their independence from British Empire,the confederate south wanted slavery to continue where as the Union North wanted to abolish it,finally Union won over the Confederate ,but the grudge is still there,it southern states are a hub of racist white folks and they even wave the confederate flag with their home grown militias. So this north vs south thingy is not unique about only India.. And lucky we never had a civil war amongst us after the independence. So, as Indians we are far better humans.

  • Narmadha A.
    04/02/2018 02:35

    Brut India what are u trying to do !! Get a life !!