Sushant And The Fault In His Stars

A prodigious student, a science buff, a silver screen heartthrob. There aren’t too many like him in this world.

17/06/2020 5:57 PM
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  • Sahar M.
    3 hours

    Why sushant why

  • Anshu K.
    3 hours


  • Kevin W.
    4 hours

    Murdered by Bollywood nepotists

  • Soniya D.
    4 hours

    I miss you ❤

  • Shailendra K.
    4 hours

    Absolutely brilliant young man handsome,prodigious,diligent,structured,ambitious,empathetic and loads of talent impossible to describe in brief.May God bless him wherever he is.He will continue to be a shining star forever

  • Bijal P.
    7 hours

    His legacy will haunt the wrong doers. He is still a star in millions of lives.

  • Mangai T.
    9 hours convenient for a all the movie stars in India....e.g....legendary Sri Devi.. It is of course....outright MURDER including for Sushant....definitely not at the peak of his career he is going to kill himself. Other Diyva Barathi.....Silk Simitra....etc....and so easy for the murderers to walk on the streets freely...huh

  • Lucy N.
    10 hours

    A very good human being and a pure soul..

  • Dàs Á.
    13 hours

    But One thing for sure I have noticed one thing that, there may not be any justice to this beautiful rare soul Sushant singh rajput, bt somewhere deep down the line I can feel that his murder has indirectly destroyed bollywood!!! I don't think people of India will ever visit to cinema hall for rotten star kids anymore....!

  • Asha H.
    14 hours

    IT'S NOT SUSIDE BUT IT'S MURDER.... In bollywood there are people who thinks that they own bollywood... No outsiders comes in and took over our place if he or she tries they are gone they disappear by them means killed by them.... That's dirty bollywood... It's all in video but this corrupt country not doing anything about it.. They are all walking free on the streets.... Very very sad..... Well Sushant Singh RAJPUT never tried to take away their place but fans appreciate his hard work and great talent so bollywood gave him a great award... I don't have any respect for bollywood... They are evil people only the brave woman like Kangna can fight them... A YOUNG MAN LIKE SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT GAVE HIS LIFE THEY KILLED HIM AND SHOWED UP SUSIDE... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT????

  • Tahir H.
    15 hours


  • DrAjay K.
    15 hours

    I miss u ssr

  • Sayak G.
    15 hours

    It still feels as if he wud come back once again...still can't accept the fact dat he is no more!!why we all r soo upset?who is he to us?...I wonder...yet...we if we have lost someone so dear to our u buddy..stay happy...wherever u r.

  • Neetu N.
    16 hours

    Happy Birthday to dear Multi-talented King🎂💐🌹😔

  • Dibakar G.
    16 hours

    Happy Birthday 🎂

  • Sayari D.
    17 hours

    Be in peace wherever you are..😊

  • Saroj T.
    17 hours

    Always remember

  • Richa R.
    17 hours

    Happy birthday to him!

  • Neetu S.
    17 hours

    Om shanti

  • Shagufta K.
    17 hours

    Whatever happened with him is because of Rahu in the 1st house. That gave him everything and then deprived him of his life too .

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