• Vishal B.
    2 days

    we need more people like this in our country❤️

  • Seth D.
    2 days

    Aaradhya bachhan

  • Jaya S.
    3 days

    Her happiness comes through so clearly, God bless .

  • John S.
    4 days

    Ths is wt talent is , u shd hv got millions of views by nw, bt ppl prefr crap ovr talent

  • John S.
    4 days

    Go girl, wishng to see u on d bigger stage soon, u amazd me! Best wishes 4 ur future

  • Laxmi S.
    5 days

    You are an amazing singer...God bless you...May your dreams come true.

  • Perminder S.
    20/09/2021 19:34

    She must got to AGT

  • Sabah P.
    19/09/2021 08:13

    ma'am if u can make this little girl dream come true ❤️🙏

  • JuiceWrld A.
    15/09/2021 12:42

    They got famous because they have talents???? Who's gonna talk about those homeless childrens who are struggling to get a food.

  • Deepali Z.
    13/09/2021 14:28

    हे बघ.

  • Phibawanz P.
    08/09/2021 11:45

    Same as my daughter she is premature...hr hobby is also singing and playing keyboard.. Hope my daughter fulfill hr dreams..

  • Suman S.
    08/09/2021 10:03

    macha, that you?

  • Ivy G.
    07/09/2021 15:25

    ...... 👌

  • David R.
    07/09/2021 12:00

    Damn!! She's a future Rockstar fr!!! Keep killing it girl!!❤🙏🏾🙌🏾

  • Shweta C.
    04/09/2021 15:57

    India is full of talent

  • Blessing I.
    03/09/2021 20:07

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  • Aishita S.
    03/09/2021 18:43

    Mann she reminds me of you for some reason!

  • Tamanna U.
    03/09/2021 18:03

    Your simply brilliant dear. God bless you.😊

  • Heather B.
    03/09/2021 17:46

    Awesome..all the best and God Bless

  • Yashna T.
    03/09/2021 07:16