The Life of Bollywood Leading Lady Parveen Babi

She was one of Bollywood's most glamorous, blockbusting stars. But her own life was marked by communal riots, broken hearts and mental illness... This is her riveting story.

09/01/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Nirmali T.
    3 hours

    Many Bollywood heroes including Amitabh Bachchan cheated her!

  • Savi
    5 hours

    Ye saali duniya itni matlabi hana inssan ko Paise dekhe ke baat karte haan is bollywood walo ko toh boycott kare dena chiye jo inke sath kam karte ye unke Kya sath dege really I hate bollywood sach mai very sad story ek heroine jise itna acha kam kiya aur ye hurmajade bollywood mai kam kar rehe use last time mai bhi use sath nahi rehe inko bas Paise se matlab hurmajade ko saale chote dil wale ye bade logo hum normal.loge in se jada amir aur bada dil rakhte haan inko Kya pata pyaar hota Kya mare jaauo sab bollywood walo ek lady ke sath tum ye Kiya

  • Sridevi N.
    5 hours


  • Swati P.
    6 hours

    I love this actress very much...her beauty,style, impress me very much...but,her ending of life,happening story...feeling me sad... because every talented people,is ending of thier life story,more pathetic than others...some reason are hidden their life, so that they can not move, to heir to going on..n ,take the decision ,.. and,we see the result....we lost, the talended people at last.

  • Anita C.
    7 hours

    Bhatt is responsible for her doom

  • Aqsa B.
    12 hours

    She was beautiful but unlucky as she never got long lasting love and companionship from any of the men who were in relationship with her. Whatever life she lived at least she deserved a healthy happy life. Her sad end of life is so unfortunate. May Allah have mercy on her soul. Ameen

  • Sushmita B.
    15 hours

    Soo sad, but she was a beautiful actress❤

  • Gurmeet P.
    17 hours

    She was indeed a beautiful actress, I remember her for her glamorous looks & her work. Feel sad that no one looked after her!!

  • Amita S.
    19 hours

    Still no one like Praveen babi,Zeenat Aman what great look and very decent models are they

  • Mishti R.
    21 hours

    A legend 😘

  • Mohd R.
    a day


  • April K.
    a day

    It's not how pretty or handsome you are in this life . It's what you do with your life. She lived a scandalous life.

  • Khem G.
    a day

    Being so much beautiful is our real problem yes or no?

  • J A.
    a day

    The Mumbai film industry did to her what they did to Sushant Singh Rajput! The film industry has become a very sick place. She was just abused and taken advantage of by Kabir Bedi, Mahesh Bhatt, Amitabh Bachan.

  • Shikha S.
    a day


  • Premila S.
    a day

    She was murdered

  • Jaswant S.
    a day

    Ek see Bobby juth bole kawa kaate. Bhanve mandir masjid toro per kise da dil na toro. This is Parvin babi bale bale actress died alone.

  • Shobhana D.
    a day

    This world is a cruel and merciless place.😭

  • Liliana O.
    2 days

    She is beautiful anyone who focuses on lies scandals has no life and a pea brain Women have their own minds they are FREE to live their life not be tainted badly by STUPIDITY

  • Shubha G.
    2 days

    She is our hearts fabulastic for her charms🔥 a🔥 acting

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