The Life of Mira Nair

This doyen of world cinema was born in Odisha, was nominated for an Oscar at 32 and even turned down an offer to direct one of the Harry Potter films. Who is she? Thanks to Jaipur Literature Festival and Teamwork Arts for the footage!

11/11/2020 5:27 AM
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  • Supreet K.
    03/09/2021 08:39

    Suitable boy is really fantastic web series. Great talent and indeed a great filmmaker

  • Prabha S.
    02/09/2021 05:29

    Thanks for giving us lovely films!💐💐

  • Joanna W.
    28/08/2021 12:25

    She has many beautiful films. My favorite is My Own Country- about the plight of a town dealing with the unknown disease in the 80’s - now AIDS. Based on Abraham Varghese’s book. Such compassion. Beautiful Film. Right up there with Randy Shiltz’s And the Band Played On.

  • Mangai T.
    08/08/2021 19:09

    Mira...please make a movie on PT USHA 🙏🏼⚘

  • Sheeba S.
    06/08/2021 10:19

    So pretty..

  • Meetam A.
    04/08/2021 10:51

    An ardent fan of her.❤🙏

  • Avritt L.
    03/08/2021 00:53

    Too bad she didn’t learn the core spiritual mystery of India and keeps hooked on some stereotyping of race and gender. Great beautiful work but old school ideas to the younger generation and enlightened people.

  • Fauzia T.
    01/08/2021 05:43

    Commendable life and career. People who make most of their lives 👍👏👏

  • Sonali D.
    30/07/2021 12:56

    Truly "Nair like Fire"

  • Leelavathi B.
    29/07/2021 14:18


  • Fareeha F.
    18/07/2021 13:10

    The introductory statement was racist.

  • Pramila M.
    18/07/2021 10:39

    There are so many ideas we will have and want to do, me. if it is not happening no problem. Proud to see my sisters do it.

  • Mohsina A.
    17/07/2021 21:31

    I love the fact that her work is not Sugar coated, it is hard core reality..... Truly how it is

  • Lakshmi N.
    05/07/2021 04:51

    OMG what an iconic personality..... this composition has made me fall in love with her

  • Savita R.
    04/07/2021 10:13


  • Savita R.
    04/07/2021 10:13

    Inspiring lady.. strong lady.. stay like that stay blessed

  • Suresh N.
    23/06/2021 11:28

    The boy who made us cry in tea supplier still a auto driver until she met him and heard gifted him a car to run as taxi in Bangalore... Forgotten artists ....

  • Anton A.
    08/06/2021 18:47

    What a huge filmmaker she is! Her films make you bite the reality.

  • Shahhamza A.
    08/06/2021 12:13

    Bold and beauty

  • Bharathi N.
    18/05/2021 02:53

    Born in orissa