The Real Story Of The Tinder Swindler

Did you know the real story of the "Tinder Swindler"? (Warning: spoilers.) On Tinder, he was a millionaire playboy and a loving boyfriend. In real life, he was a convicted con man who duped his dates out of their life savings... Here's how he got caught.

06/02/2022 2:57 PM
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  • Salman H.
    17/03/2022 15:57

    Wait wait wait.... Is 'Tinder Swindler' based on true events or incidents? Is this a documentary? I thought its just a common series of Netflix....

  • Laric U.
    19/02/2022 00:46

    I don't feel bad for the women they got what they deserve there was so many red flags and honestly this is what stupidity gets you stupid asses win stupid prizes

  • Sana K.
    15/02/2022 19:32

    watch this documentary

  • Stephanie R.
    13/02/2022 18:15

    Let him come here to South Africa we dont play here we walk the talk and put our money where our mouths at 😂😂😂 he must not bamba with us

  • Devrath N.
    13/02/2022 08:52

    I think human beings must adopt to be happy if ur partner gives u food three times if ur partner is promising u to give food three times a day then he is good person

  • Abhishek R.
    12/02/2022 09:10

    His inspiration from Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

  • Pawan K.
    12/02/2022 04:13

    Homless King

  • Alma L.
    11/02/2022 03:40

    sounds like "the flyman" 😁

  • Asna Z.
    11/02/2022 00:28

    Azlin Raihana aku tengok documentary semale 🥴

  • Talha I.
    10/02/2022 15:12

    Its a must watch.... I have seen it yesterday.

  • Anusha M.
    09/02/2022 17:49

    Yeh real story hai iski?

  • Carly E.
    09/02/2022 16:51

  • Angie L.
    09/02/2022 14:03

    hoi lantaw na gud

  • Debina R.
    09/02/2022 08:55

    this one

  • Saif K.
    09/02/2022 08:41

    Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

  • Lerato S.
    09/02/2022 08:40

    It's crazy how people fall prey to this conman but it happens.

  • RS N.
    09/02/2022 08:30

    I like the third lady, she took all the branded clothes and things😂😂😂 and sold it...

  • Amos C.
    09/02/2022 03:32

    here a small snippet

  • Zaki N.
    08/02/2022 20:38

    Tumhre Kahani

  • Chantelle C.
    08/02/2022 14:33

    let’s watch this tonight xx

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