The Story Of Tejasswi Prakash

Did you know the Bigg Boss 15 winner is also an engineer? This is how Tejasswi Prakash became an actor...

03/02/2022 10:42 AMupdated: 03/02/2022 11:54 PM
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  • Sangita P.
    10 hours

    My favorite teju always🏆🎉🏆 😍😍❤❤👌👍✌

  • Punyo P.
    a day

    Kehna kia chate ho Brut🤣🤣

  • Roshni T.
    30/03/2022 04:27


  • Dipti G.
    16/03/2022 04:34

    This is so annoying......😑

  • Shanker R.
    15/03/2022 19:34

    I love Teju

  • Zerin R.
    15/03/2022 00:46


  • Basabdatta D.
    24/02/2022 15:32


  • Kokir D.
    24/02/2022 03:29

    Cheap and characterless girl Tejasswi prakash 💩💩🤮

  • Vasudha S.
    22/02/2022 02:23

    19 years mein first serial kiya n according to you she first completed engineering...tuh kya 15 saal mein she started engineering

  • Sandra H.
    13/02/2022 11:38

    Will you guys cut the crap already.its enough don't you think.She was wrong yes.But did anyone tried to look at her perspective.She was fatshamed,slutshamed and age shames to for fuck sake.Karan told her he loved her but he won't stop comparing her to Shamita Shetty.She got insecure.Then Shamita should never have said "I kept your boyfriend "like what the fuck .Everyone had someone to rely on.Teja had none.And don't get me started on Karan plz.Hes borderline toxic.Following in and out of shoot.Planning to kidnap her for March wedding.Oh and that Raqesh.First he got a luxury car and jewellry.How materialistic .Here I was thing he was different.First she broke the bond between Nishant and Raqesh now Tejasswi.Well I wish him good luck.I just hope Tejasswi gets the strength to overcome this.Am I the only one seeing the two sides of the coin or are others just blind loyal fans.

  • J. L.
    10/02/2022 14:08

    Brut I'm unfollowing u for dis......🙄

  • Rajeshwari M.
    10/02/2022 01:43

    Dear brut...kindly watch her behavior in the house & outside the house. She is a winner where even the contestants went silent. She demean everyone & fought tooth & nails to prove herself right...kindly stop glorifying this insecure, childish brat.

  • Ritz W.
    09/02/2022 22:46

    Wow what a knowledgeable informa

  • An Y.
    09/02/2022 13:46

    Ganpati bappa morya

  • Farooqui N.
    08/02/2022 15:14

    This is how big boss became actor

  • Sanju T.
    08/02/2022 14:30

    Karan kundra nhi Pratik hei second runner up,,, fake winner hei teja, she is the more irritating & over confident person.

  • Payal D.
    08/02/2022 07:21

    Wrost winner of Bb

  • Vandana B.
    08/02/2022 02:40

    Most irritating fake brainless bevkoof badtamiz third class cheap mentality person

  • Chamari N.
    07/02/2022 22:17

    I like her. Shez pretty I don't know why thrz so much hate for her.

  • Debasis B.
    07/02/2022 19:32

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