The Unconventional Life Of Neena Gupta

She once made tabloid headlines for her “bold” decisions. She never gave up even when work dried up. As this talented actress turns 62, here’s a look at her life...

04/06/2021 1:48 PMupdated: 04/06/2021 1:50 PM
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  • Varsha T.
    26/08/2021 17:29

    I like it !

  • Nomana S.
    18/08/2021 08:55

    What was her tragedy with boyfriend? Was he already married?

  • Minakshi T.
    29/07/2021 08:10

    Love you Neena Gupta Admire you You are a role model for every woman ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Ragini S.
    28/07/2021 13:19

    Brave actress . Inspiration for every women . The way she expresses herself is awesome ❤️☺️

  • Jaya V.
    27/07/2021 05:37

    You are great

  • Sudip S.
    25/07/2021 01:38

    Panchayat is missing

  • Mona R.
    14/07/2021 10:25

    We adore her 🙏 she is excellent

  • Kritika S.
    09/07/2021 03:19

    I don't care what haters say! She is one of most inspirational ladies in India and better than those women who depend on their husband. Call me crazy but depending on a man and killing your dreams is worst thing a woman can do to herself. Be independent and fearless. Also if a man ask you dowry, slap him on his face and spend that money on education and become independent. Even after your marriage, your money should be your own not his or his family. So keep going and become independent. Lord Shiva also takes Ardhanarishwar roop meaning both husband wife are equal, no one is bigger or smaller. Take 50-50 housework as a team and both have right to accomplish dreams instead of acting like Master and servant. Grow up girls!

  • Hadiya H.
    04/07/2021 23:08

    I love her drama saans.

  • Rajani K.
    02/07/2021 03:12

    Awesome u r

  • Ruth G.
    01/07/2021 16:53

    Keep it up ma'am 👍

  • Farhana S.
    01/07/2021 14:50

    She teach me. I Don't have to be afraid or work too hard "to keep myself young or complete most work in young age, so that I can rest in old age" I Don't feel afraid to getting old now.

  • Navneet K.
    01/07/2021 09:20

    Love you Boldness

  • Rajani A.
    01/07/2021 04:41

    Love you woman!!!

  • Sumana B.
    01/07/2021 04:38

    I adore this lady and love her acting. My regards 🙏🌹 to you Ma'am.

  • Mona S.
    01/07/2021 03:51

    Superb....more than an inspiration ❤️.... love you Neena Gupta

  • Mamtha K.
    30/06/2021 06:17

    Gut woman I love u

  • Annie P.
    29/06/2021 04:56

    Wow same age as me .That's the spirt just enjoy life never know if tomorrow is mine.But regret didn't get the opportunity to live my life .Just dream of it.

  • Sadhana D.
    28/06/2021 07:02

    Brave woman.. salute are really a great actress and also a great mom... 🙏.. actually apney ye purustantrik samaj ko ak thappar mara haye...

  • Yogini M.
    28/06/2021 06:56

    I love your honesty ❤️