These Indian Celebs Were Body Shamed

Neha Dhupia is just the latest in a long line of celebs unfairly targeted for putting on weight due to pregnancy. ✋

02/06/2019 2:02 PMupdated: 02/06/2019 2:08 PM
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  • Sanjana D.
    03/14/2019 05:44

    Nothing can happen to this society! :)

  • Mudit B.
    03/06/2019 16:34

    Talking About Celebrities Who Don't Stand Up For Real Cause are being Covered here , and Trolls always attack celebs They are loser too

  • Yuti P.
    03/06/2019 15:51

    You can also write how these trolls talk about insensitive things, and how it makes fun of something that is so natural. As a case study for your dissertation. Trolls and how celebrities give a comeback or how it effects them. Something like this

  • Saheba S.
    03/05/2019 16:03

    Iss page ko unfllw krne k siwa aur koi way nhi hai br br ek hi bkws news se bchne ka......

  • Mishti B.
    03/05/2019 15:53

    just imagine eita kono news holo? Eibar baby hole jodi weight gain kore shetao news

  • Urshlla K.
    03/02/2019 17:20

    OH my God!!! Poor souls 😂😂😂😂😂 what bullshit is this.

  • Deepanjan K.
    02/19/2019 15:08

    Ye faltu ka promotion band kro Brut India. In celebs ko koi na puchta sibay inke chamche k. Har koi apne life mein busy hai. Sala kisi k paas naukri na hai to kisi k paas khana na hai. Aur inke faltu nakre kon dekhne jayega? Weight gained due to pregnancy? Wo sabka hota hai jo vi ladki pregnant hoti hai. Isme body shaming kaha se aa gya?

  • Bhavesh M.
    02/18/2019 03:01

    Wow Brut, very useful.

  • Shashank M.
    02/17/2019 12:13

    I think Neha Dhupia can handle criticism herself. Stop giving over-the-top importance to people.

  • Shashank M.
    02/17/2019 12:12

    Is Brut the official spokesperson of N.D.?

  • Amritarupa L.
    02/16/2019 15:31

    Isn't it natural for a woman to put on weight during pregnancy? It's also obvious that it will take some time to lose all that weight. Celeb, or common, how can you body shame a pregnant woman? Her weight gain is a biological processes, and not a result of sedentary lifestyle!

  • Abhishek P.
    02/12/2019 08:11

    Who gives a shit?

  • Bala M.
    02/09/2019 19:20

    Dear brut India, Stop making shits. Go get a life. Try something worthy!

  • Brut India
    02/07/2019 12:47

    Kareena Kapoor says she wanted to set an example for what women can accomplish post-pregnancy.

  • Saba U.
    02/07/2019 04:19

    yes plzzz dont post such stuffff not intersted plz do some constructive work for a change

  • Saba U.
    02/07/2019 04:18

    its only media who does this ,this actress looking bad this one looking good and then media is now behind airport look ...soooooo pathetic now media is thy way thy click picsssssssss ... horribleeeeeeeeeee

  • Parbinder S.
    02/07/2019 02:45

    Abey gaadoo kuch acha kaam bhi kiya karo kam se kam mahina mei ek baar. useless creatures and very annoying post

  • Parbinder S.
    02/07/2019 02:42

    Wtf who the hell bothers that also this is ridiculous, wtf wtf

  • Tsering W.
    02/07/2019 02:37

    nobody's care...

  • Julie F.
    02/07/2019 02:17

    This is no news ...all crap...try to show some life related videos

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