Top Three Criminal Gurus

Abroad, they got rich and powerful. Here are three Indian men that cashed in on Indian spirituality, allegedly committed crimes, and got away.

12/09/2019 5:03 AM
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  • Manu M.
    15 hours

    Rajneesh was a victim of American racism...

  • Astro P.
    18 hours

    Fuck of brut india

  • Salman S.
    21 hours

    What is with rape and Hindu men.

  • Ajad S.
    a day

    Fucking bastard

  • Abhay S.
    a day


  • Piyush K.
    a day

    Brut we know you are here to spread propaganda and fool these innocent people..... All the people should read about osho's teaching

  • Raaj K.
    a day

    U left psycho's !

  • Yash D.
    2 days

    U asshole ......Osho is not comparable to this foolz

  • Surjeet C.
    2 days

    Bloody hell... why CRIMINAL....

  • Himanshu C.
    2 days

    Brut be like- Ohh see Hinduism, lets target that.

  • Roma M.
    2 days

    Radhey radhey 🙏friends guru ke jarurat hamara jeeban mein bohutt jaruri ha mara bichar se q ke hamara jeeban k bara or mituu k bara mein guru he huma samjhata ha or guru hum he chunta ha Jab Hamara Jivan Duke aur kasht se Bhar jata hai tab ham Guru ko dhundhte Hain to apna Guru Khud chune Khud ki Buddhi se chuna to Jivan Saral ho jaega Radhey Radhey🙏

  • Pulkit K.
    2 days

    Brut BBC wire... They all are biased..

  • L M.
    2 days

    The brainwashed

  • Shahidul K.
    2 days

    Not just 3 criminals there are many Indian rapist gurus still commiting crimes in India and making India famous 🤣😃

  • Preet S.
    2 days

    Brut india shame on you for comparing Osho with any other . Do your reaerch first...

  • Bhawna B.
    2 days

    Shame on your work..murkh ho tum

  • Arsalan B.
    2 days

    بہت علیظ قوم ھیں ھندو

  • Naveen N.
    2 days

    Brut . It's good you are telling about these people....Y don't you expose pastors avengalists nd maulanas who are looting , misguiding, brainwashing people in the name of god ...... I know u won't nd can't do it.... Because u have an hidden agenda behind it...

  • Muneesh S.
    2 days

    Brut, are you sure Rajneesh was involved in all this shit ?? US is bastard,, can create any conspiracy.... How dare you to call him a criminal ?? Was he penalised here in India ?? On this one should drag you into the court of law..... Nonsense channel.....

  • Surojit H.
    2 days

    Why leave Ramdev in this report. Greatest fraud of all time in human history