Top Three Criminal Gurus

Abroad, they got rich and powerful. Here are three Indian men that cashed in on Indian spirituality, allegedly committed crimes, and got away.

12/09/2019 5:03 AM
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  • Radhakrishnan N.
    a day

    Media is like redlight area -RS Mani

  • Deepa S.
    a day

    No one is greater guru then osho in last 300 years

  • Sandeep P.
    a day

    If you can't compete with their culture ,connect the entire culture to a bad memory,and serve it to next generation...So whenever a new generation thinks about it,a bad memory hook is connected to their minds. Saffron culture = maybe they are fraud. This is been going on for decades...I am sure there would be many muslim clerics or christian missionaries with a history much worse then this.but we never come across in media

  • Rakesh R.
    a day

    Brut India is leftist page, with only propaganda , biased journalism is like toilet wipes. So what is truth in them.

  • Sapna P.
    a day

    Very bad reporting journalist Pia Chatterji . Just Chattering away ain’t journalism.

  • Hampshire Z.
    a day

    These rss yogis are bloody dangerous

  • Joom K.
    a day


  • Mohit K.
    a day

    Wrong information

  • Lágrima A.
    a day

    Dung eating and urine drinking filthy nation

  • Rasched N.
    2 days

    They should be forced to drink cowpiss for their remaining life

  • Vivek N.
    2 days

    Brut- is just Barkha Dutt, she is anti-shanatan so she will do anything to put down the image of shanatanis.

  • Afiq
    2 days

    Damn u guys so stupid.

  • Suraj B.
    2 days

    First of all,get your facts clear..Osho was not any criminal ..don't compare him with those goons(Babas) who made fool out of inoccent people ...

  • Nitish K.
    2 days

    Why don't you show the attack in afganistan on my sikh brother... Evwry time targeting the religion who gave everything for peace in the world.. Not terrorism

  • Eric H.
    2 days

    Osho is the greatest teacher of all time. Even above Sadguru and all.

  • Kiran K.
    2 days

    U r from which religion

  • Danger M.
    2 days

    I dont like brut channel this is bullshit and hates hinduism.fuck of brut.

  • Ashok K.
    2 days

    If fhese people r criminal then what was Jesus.

  • Vishal P.
    2 days

    second wala dekh

  • Santosh K.
    2 days

    Children thrown stones at the tree, Which is full of fruits ..🤣🤣🤣