Top Three Criminal Gurus

Abroad, they got rich and powerful. Here are three Indian men that cashed in on Indian spirituality, allegedly committed crimes, and got away.

12/09/2019 5:03 AM
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  • Pragat D.
    a day

    Brut - u ve made an stupid effort to attract online viewers click. Osho and Mahesh yogi both have contributed to the world and wisdom in different ways, that one can realise only after knowing them and following their wisdom. Brut - you have done injustice with journalism by mixing up with bikram like people. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • Amarnath M.
    a day

    Is there any one who has guts to talk about Islamic rapist moulvis and Cristian rapist priests,

  • Sam I.
    a day

    Idiot with knowing in detail don't accuse mahesh yogi.

  • Manu P.
    a day

    Love osho

  • Satyarthi P.
    2 days

    I don’t understand how you can put the name of Osho, in that list. Dear editor, are you seriously crazy and out of mind. Please go and research properly 🙏❤️ The problem of US is they never want any spirituality could be the movement of the world. They never want mediation should be a part of daily life. Because then the whole business of the Church will shut down. Now even, The agencies Of US copyright the yoga and other healing techniques and if you want to learn it from. Any teacher you need to take affiliation from the US like Yoga Alliance. So its sorrowful time ❤️🙏

  • Nagaraj S.
    2 days

    When r u posting on top 3 islamic and Christian nun-raping criminal "gurus"

  • Satwant Y.
    2 days

    How you can include Osho as criminal guru .... Did u even read 5 min about osho .

  • Munir H.
    2 days

    Osho was not criminal

  • Fassi A.
    2 days

    Rape master

  • Shubham K.
    2 days

    Osho not a criminal fool

  • Ravi B.
    2 days

    You did not understood the OSHO's style of teaching..... You are not correct...

  • Ashim R.
    3 days

    Including osho in the list is like people who hanged jesus are listing jesus as a criminal which Is false in eyes of majority of people who have tasted spirituality beyond narrow perceptions

  • Sujoy P.
    3 days

    Bollywood jihad

  • Gaurav S.
    3 days

    Still thr r many Americans who r osho followers per yeh Brut srif chutiyapa hi dikhayega

  • Farzin H.
    3 days

    reminds of something?

  • Salam S.
    4 days

    Can Make into An Action Movie Starring Black Panther Hero Chadwick Boseman Destroy evil criminal gurus

  • Wamiq W.
    4 days


  • Shakeel N.
    4 days

    Idiotic personality with worse culture

  • Asvin S.
    4 days

    Where is father Franco who was arrested with charges of sex chat ,bjob , rape , molestation with nun ???

  • Devinder S.
    5 days

    Thugs of Hindustan