Trolls Target Ranu Mondal Over Makeover

Singer Ranu Mondal’s life changed after she went viral singing a Lata Mangeshkar song. But now as a fresh target of trolling, she’s dealing with the bitter side of fame.

19/11/2019 4:45 AMupdated: 19/11/2019 3:54 PM
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  • Lovely T.
    a day

    Award goes to make up artist.

  • Indrawatie D.
    3 days

    She had hardships in her life. Angel came along and give her happiness from fame. She enjoyed it and God will forever bless you for discovering her her and give her happiness. May her soul rest in peace.

  • Sadia U.
    4 days

    Horrible makeup

  • Seeta R.
    5 days

    So why can't she enjoy her fame just like the Bollywood stars too!!!!!

  • Pakpi G.
    5 days

    Miss attitude mondal

  • Inoka R.
    24/05/2021 14:49

    She has beautiful voice..don't make fun.her voice is very clear...

  • Avijit G.
    17/10/2020 04:53


  • Shreyas G.
    09/09/2020 17:46

    Haslo yar you are better singer Good Claps for your laughs Contribution=0

  • Surendra S.
    04/05/2020 13:10

    Kuch Khana khilayo ji

  • Israt J.
    12/01/2020 23:20


  • Kuldeep S.
    17/12/2019 14:49


  • Rahul A.
    17/12/2019 14:30


  • Anand M.
    17/12/2019 13:16

    Whoever is the makeup person she has turned her into a ghost.

  • Kumar S.
    17/12/2019 04:23

    Ghantaaaa Ranu mandal

  • Jaypal S.
    17/12/2019 00:07

    Wah prabhu kya rza h teri rank ko raja bnana raja ko ranks

  • Sonya L.
    16/12/2019 16:48

    Bright lipstick , loud eye makeup done for over a middle aged lady 🙄🙄???? Make up should be done to enhance one's features, make you look bright And fresh! The fundamentals of the make up artist and basics of make up ,are firstly all messed up of thE person whoever did her make up! Instead of keeping it sober and classy and working on defining her personality, the make artist has only shown the incompetency!!

  • Diksha J.
    16/12/2019 16:40

    Garib ka mekeup karna bhi pap Ho Gaya hai.. a society bhohot chidati hai

  • Ashu R.
    16/12/2019 08:54

    Muje bi 1 gane ka maoka de to 1 gana me bi ga sakta hu sir ji

  • Ashu R.
    16/12/2019 08:53

    Very nice sir 7054249684

  • Přêm Ř.
    16/12/2019 05:58

    Mujhe kux dikhai ni de rha Don't try to tuch my cmnt reply button🤫😂😂😂