• Maham S.
    07/07/2020 11:45

    Vivek has always been arrogant. Same way he dealt with Salman issue during the initial days of his career..after breakup , he blamed AISHWARIYA for everything. Just shows what a creep he is.

  • Dibyarup R.
    13/07/2019 14:20

    Am i the only one who doesn't know a shit about this controversy? 🙁

  • Chitra K.
    07/07/2019 10:21

    So interested in memes why don't you post about ur wife past,future,presnt .. why any other women..

  • Jay P.
    05/07/2019 23:30

    Fuck them

  • Faizan K.
    30/06/2019 10:46

    Haan Vivek, Sab aap pe hans hi to rahe hain. Wannabe superstar

  • Siddharth S.
    30/06/2019 07:14

    sonam kapoor is a hypocrite he justified a child rape joke of tanmay bhatt nd now he is offended by this

  • Sid B.
    19/06/2019 16:14

    Sonam kapoor didn't have any problems acting with Salman Khan who killed a deer and a man. No protests against him because he's Salman Khan? And this guy made one harmless meme and everyone losing their shit? A meme doesn't harm anyone. Least of all the people in Bollywood and politicians who are the most privileged and some of the richest individuals in India. Also...get your priorities right. If you are a liberal then stand up for liberal principles and not this kind of shit.

  • Ali P.
    18/06/2019 09:03


  • Samir T.
    15/06/2019 13:28


  • Sum S.
    15/06/2019 12:50

    "kaam karne to jate hain nahi, netagiri karte hain" Ohhhh the irony.

  • Md W.
    15/06/2019 10:39

    Vivek like- har bar mere sath hi kyu aisa hota hai😂😂😂

  • Samujit D.
    15/06/2019 09:59

    Sonam kapoor ka dimag v chota hain aur saath mein woh v..

  • Vikas P.
    15/06/2019 09:58


  • Jayan B.
    15/06/2019 08:24

    Good morning

  • Nihal S.
    15/06/2019 07:59


  • Souvik N.
    15/06/2019 07:50

    Abey koi batayga meme konsi thi?? Mujhe bhi hasna hai bkl

  • Arnab D.
    15/06/2019 07:47

    A big looser

  • Sanghamitra B.
    15/06/2019 07:28

    He always create controversies to get fame . Really very cheap publicity stunt

  • Saurabh S.
    15/06/2019 07:01

    Bhai dena jara iske dobara se.. Bhul rha hai ye sab..

  • Mridul B.
    15/06/2019 06:53

    I support vivek oberoi

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