What Neena Gupta Thinks About Divorce

“I have never poisoned her against her father. I have told her everything.” Neena Gupta spoke about raising a child outside marriage and how she felt about her daughter Masaba's divorce. Thanks to PinkVilla for the footage!

10/03/2020 3:57 PM
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  • Ruchika G.
    2 days

    🤱How time flies today🤰,send friend request to me

  • Tanvi S.
    5 days


  • Jayasree U.
    07/01/2021 09:16

    Really impressed

  • Pooja V.
    05/01/2021 11:47

    I like her acting skills. She is transparent in nature.

  • Claudia S.
    03/01/2021 13:02


  • Garima M.
    27/12/2020 05:16

    Papa are always great for her daughters. Love u my papa. I always respect you. Whatever I am , only due to you.

  • R A.
    27/12/2020 03:57

    I appreciate Neena for keeping Masaba despite odds. And what she speaks about sticking to one's choice is absolutely true. Unfortunately, it is my observation that when mother lives a single life, daughter also ends up with a failed family life. This is mainly because, mother has nothing to teach her daughter about living with family, being tactful, loving but being firm in discipline etc. Living with big families is a skill. Choosing partners and then surviving in that relationship is a skill. That needs to be learnt by observing one's mother or other ladies in family. It has to be practiced with devotion to be made practically successful. Neena has survived. But her life is not a manual worth following. BRUT why don't you bring out mom's who balance their careers and family and stop projecting failures as luminaries.

  • Suvigya M.
    27/12/2020 03:42

    She is so adorable!

  • Ananya T.
    26/12/2020 13:42

    Such a shit interviewer... 75% of the time only he is talking..

  • Shazia A.
    24/12/2020 20:02


  • Bismah Z.
    23/12/2020 20:16

    Remember we had discussion over it

  • Khyati K.
    21/12/2020 17:09

    Doesn't matter how many times I watch it .... It always pops up on my feed, and I absolutely LOVE this interview ❤️

  • N. V.
    20/12/2020 03:03

    I wish he would let her speak... He's ruined the interview....

  • Jyoti D.
    19/12/2020 10:56

    So crystal clear she speaks what she really feels no pomp n show no dikhawa n all.

  • Deep G.
    19/12/2020 10:35

    You have a big heart and all women should learn from u ,we are not feeble, They are Economically & mentally weakened by primitive, uncivilized society.So that men can dominate us ,other wise we are also superior than men ,or else we are more tolerant & power full..........Binitadeep

  • Snigdha S.
    19/12/2020 00:55

    Why do u mk kids take such sensitive interviews .. with no thehrav, izzat and adaaa.. why not sm1 frm that era who doesnt parrot the script and has more emotion and nostalgia into each thought expressed

  • Sakina K.
    18/12/2020 07:59

    What utter bull crap

  • Hema S.
    12/12/2020 14:41

    Ur story of life can inspired many women. To make choice and stand by it.

  • Deb P.
    12/12/2020 14:15

    Indian interviewers are shitty rude piece of shit

  • Anny S.
    12/12/2020 14:10

    What is the meaning of masaba ?

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