What Neena Gupta Thinks About Divorce

“I have never poisoned her against her father. I have told her everything.” Neena Gupta spoke about raising a child outside marriage and how she felt about her daughter Masaba's divorce. Thanks to PinkVilla for the footage!

10/03/2020 3:57 PM
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  • Sanjida A.
    25/03/2021 08:09

    I love her opinions

  • Akash K.
    06/12/2020 08:34

    I dont agree with her statements sorry. As according to her the only females who are not dependent on males for their living should get married. Conservative mentality.🤔🤔

  • Kasturi C.
    01/11/2020 09:39


  • Javed A.
    04/10/2020 10:48

    Kalyug, justify ur haraami pan

  • Minal V.
    01/10/2020 04:09

    Appreciate her decision and standing by it 😊 That too, in the 80s... When Indian customs and traditions were full on with hypocrisy 😢 They are still... But things are coming out in open now

  • Niki A.
    28/09/2020 21:05

    So why didnt viv richards financially support you and your daughter!? She is his child to. He cheated on his wife with you got you pregnant and left!

  • Pankhuri S.
    24/09/2020 02:11

    She is a great person ! Hats off

  • Myrah K.
    22/09/2020 03:00

    Absolutely amazing women

  • Geenu P.
    21/09/2020 22:04

    Bingo very few people actually understand it that the most difficult part is to accept and stand by what u have chosen .

  • Jaspreet S.
    21/09/2020 21:16

    Kya chutad Aadmi hai Kya hai jo interview lei reha hai ?

  • Kaushika P.
    21/09/2020 05:42

    Saas ke pair choona galat hai kya...🙄

  • Supriya D.
    20/09/2020 16:45

    Look who's talking 😂

  • Kanwalpreet K.
    19/09/2020 16:08

    Pranay Tiwari

  • Neetha R.
    16/09/2020 03:59


  • Monica C.
    14/09/2020 18:17

    listen to her point of view

  • Arivalan H.
    14/09/2020 05:23

    If this is called women empowerment many children will be father less without both the parents a child won't learn anything,great my mom didn't act like her they are happily living together now,life is full of happiness and struggles when women won't be able to get through struggle then this is what happens divorce.

  • Arivalan H.
    14/09/2020 05:21

    What would the child go through without a father, if women won't take shit from men that applies same to men they won't take shit from women aswell,and once they are ready to divorce they claim money this is what women does,she earns but she won't share it for family she will keep it for herself and her future and men has to be the provider everytime.

  • Sailesh K.
    12/09/2020 20:35


  • Sailesh K.
    12/09/2020 20:35

    Aaj Tak pat nahi

  • Sailesh K.
    12/09/2020 20:35

    Y actor kise wife'

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