When Pankaj Tripathi Spoke From His Heart

Why does Pankaj Tripathi never turn down selfie requests? What did he tell his wife before they fell in love? The actor, who turns 45 today, opened up to Brut in an exclusive conversation...

05/09/2021 5:27 AM
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  • Ramkumar O.
    4 days

    Kolhu ke bail jisn khat ke kaha sutal bani bhi bhojpuri anhar hogilba ajor me leaveke ba

  • Vikash K.
    7 days

    Hi sir good morning

  • Michael M.
    05/01/2022 19:39

    Funny guy .

  • Sarojini S.
    01/01/2022 00:16

    My fav!

  • Shishir C.
    09/11/2021 19:02

    Great Sir that'why we love you please give me your personal number I will not disturb you otherwise you can block me I want to hear your voice once please sir

  • Shoumya P.
    09/10/2021 00:35

    jee aap k vichaar sunkar prerna milti hai ki ek Aam aadmi v drid nischaya aur akhand manokamna ke saath apne lakshya ko haasil kar sakta Hai - sadaew aapki ye jo down to earth and humble nature hai isse banaye rakhiye kyunki yahi aapki astitva ki neer hai - much love and respect pandit ji.

  • Swati R.
    03/10/2021 18:46

    Not only a great actor but a great story-teller too 💖💖

  • Pooja S.
    23/09/2021 18:48

    I am ur biggest fan

  • Musharib I.
    16/09/2021 12:12

    must watch it janu

  • Zin R.
    15/09/2021 10:52

    Very Down to Earth actor❤️ Most fav❤️❤️

  • Jeetu K.
    15/09/2021 09:32

    The only reason I love him...genuine,simple...🥰😍😘

  • Yayir A.
    12/09/2021 02:23

    👌👌😀tats life

  • Yayir A.
    12/09/2021 02:23

    Never give up

  • Ashish J.
    10/09/2021 17:23

    Shubham Beriwal 👍

  • Saim B.
    09/09/2021 10:14

    He is one of the best actors in India at the moment.. Lots of love and respect from

  • Pruthvi P.
    09/09/2021 04:18

    The last point he said, makes him so different from his contemporaries..... Down to Earth ❤️

  • Hem S.
    08/09/2021 18:07

    Slut h sir

  • Talpur U.
    08/09/2021 14:52

    Very fine Actor ❤️

  • آفرین ف.
    08/09/2021 10:20

    Son : Mom my friends are coming to play with me but please hide my toys Mom : Why , are your friends thieves Son : No , but they will identify their toys

  • Muhammad S.
    08/09/2021 09:25


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