Zero Malice, Says Sonu Nigam

“Only scared of cockroaches.” The outspoken Sonu Nigam discussed religion and patriotism in this interview to in 2018. Today, he turns 47.

30/07/2020 5:27 AM
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  • Kishore K.
    2 hours

    Beautiful thought.I love my country does not mean that I will not love any other country.

  • Tawseef A.
    2 hours


  • Faysal A.
    2 hours


  • Vishwanath K.
    2 hours

    सुर्ख़ियों में बने रहने के इस तरह बक्चोदी कर रहा है।

  • Osama S.
    2 hours

    Respect! 💝

  • Pooja V.
    2 hours

    You'll love him too :)

  • Manzoor A.
    2 hours

    . Great show

  • Jasmine V.
    2 hours

    Love your ideology.inspirational!!!

  • Huzaifa F.
    2 hours

    A person with a golden heart and voice😊

  • Raghav K.
    2 hours

    thik hai na bhai har kise ke apni apni soch hai

  • Rajasri S.
    2 hours

    Great interview

  • Umer Q.
    2 hours

    Wonderful thought♥️

  • Sohail A.
    3 hours

    Ooooo..there are alot of people in dushman dash(pakistan), your fans, followers... u did entertain us and u will..your words matter. Be that vocal sonu.❤

  • Prakash N.
    3 hours

    Well said Sir,mistaken you for your ajan coments.

  • Rifat R.
    3 hours

    As sonu is Hindu its Ok now. If any Khans, so called muslim by the way, would have said 10% of what sonu said next day there will be boycott hashtag everywhere. Still we judge anyone by his background no matter how logical he is 😥

  • Adil F.
    3 hours

    Phattu saala…india me loudspeaker azaan se tapleeek ho raha tha aur Dubai me inke abba huzur masjid ke loudspeakers se gaana bajwa rahe the taaki nigam babu ko tapleek naah ho

  • ଦେବେନ କ.
    3 hours

    लाइलाहाइल्लला का क्या मतलब होता है वो सब तुम्हारे जैसे नही सोचते

  • Aruna J.
    3 hours

    Not everyone will understand his logic, it goes beyond their comprehension. He's already ahead of a lot of people

  • Shamail J.
    3 hours


  • Rahul C.
    3 hours

    Not same philosophy will work everywhere. On border our soldiers have different philosophy. And sitting in chilled A.C and giving only interview its different thing.