Zuni Chopra On Fighting Your Privilege

“Privilege and a name can really only get you so far.” Do you agree with Zuni Chopra that even privileged kids have their own share of hardships? Thanks to INKtalks for the footage!

15/04/2021 2:57 PM
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  • Paramita B.
    5 days

    She mentioned how privileged she is in the very beginning. She bears the name tag of her famous parents which makes her an author at 17. Not everyone's book gets published at Jaipur Literature Festival.

  • Ranminder S.
    7 days

    Without the support of your parents you can't write even one word. Overconfidence is also a disease which should be treated at right time.

  • Shefali R.
    29/04/2021 18:59

    Wow....amazing speech!!

  • Ragini V.
    28/04/2021 19:37

    future laddu

  • Sharmin B.
    28/04/2021 15:21

    u r privileged that's why ur book got launched at the Jaipur literary festival many better writers can’t ever dream of going there....

  • Kausani D.
    28/04/2021 14:02

    Kudos to your skills but ur surname actually pushed ur skills to get published... 1000s of skills go shattered in poverty just because they don't have the surname that u have

  • Bikesh M.
    28/04/2021 11:00

    The next Ananya Panday

  • Prashant S.
    28/04/2021 05:37

    Real ID se aa ananya pandey.

  • Manish M.
    27/04/2021 07:44

    Such a bore and unwanted person in this world should be thrown in garbage . Idiot just like her father - unstoppable verbal diarrhoea

  • Aqeel M.
    27/04/2021 06:52

    Raj khaan di mastiyan.

  • Momin M.
    27/04/2021 02:00

    I m not convinced yet

  • Aiman Z.
    26/04/2021 18:56

    Having to have stage to talk about fighting your privilege is also privilege.

  • Ananta S.
    26/04/2021 18:47

    Accpt it girl! Your r privileged. You're on this platform because of ur parents.could you publish 3 books at the age of 17 without your influencial parents?

  • Jayashree C.
    26/04/2021 13:12

    She is privileged that's why she could chase her passion

  • Preeti G.
    26/04/2021 07:45


  • Kiran V.
    24/04/2021 11:59


  • Mayuri G.
    24/04/2021 11:00

    I was really hoping that it wouldn't be such a crass show of privilege 😭 How hard is it to accept reality and be grateful? "it's hard having to write when your friends are frolicking by the pool" 🤮

  • Smriti S.
    24/04/2021 10:37

    Her talk could have been about being grateful about her privileges rather than a big fuck you to her parents and their celebrity status. That would have been more honest

  • Mahanam M.
    24/04/2021 08:45

    Behen public apko star banaiga. Jab aap public k lea kuch karogay. Yeh sab lecture kahi aur . Ok. Tata

  • Gautami C.
    21/04/2021 18:13

    She looks resentful towards her parents

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