• Yeshwant J.
    19/02/2021 16:27

    Great, a big salute

  • Mohammed V.
    17/02/2021 09:27

    in our subcontinent societies where the most common response to a mental health issue is like "o yeh sab kuj teray mind may hay depression-shipression kuj nahi hota" by our loved n near ones, this is something a big personal initiative. Hope our societies will understand that mental health is real concern just like any other physical illness. Love n respect to this guy from Pak.

  • Mushtari S.
    17/02/2021 07:07

    Yes it is needed in curriculum befor 9th

  • Deepak J.
    17/02/2021 03:12

    U are yet following ur motto as an NDA Cadet, ' The Country comes first always' , that is what u have set out to do, for the betterment of our Country. All the best in this noble cause of urs.

  • Biji N.
    16/02/2021 12:53


  • Ajmal S.
    16/02/2021 11:55

    This is simply stuff of Human 🥇 gold....to see someone taking this noteworthy beautiful initiative of "MENTAL HEALTH" on his own & spreading the message across the rural to urban areas for its awareness in our life..Wow ..Kudos u young man. ..more power to you

  • Chitra L.
    15/02/2021 17:39

    Great job and a very required subject in our curriculum esp for teens and pre teens when they tend to be emotionally unstable. Fully support the cause👍👍👍

  • Archan V.
    15/02/2021 16:13

    , Please take some help of therapist. It is highly advisable for the whole world!

  • Ájay P.
    15/02/2021 06:28

    Great Cause, Salute you Brother... Keep Going.

  • Dilip K.
    14/02/2021 16:39

    And he will finish his journey on release on lal singh chada I guess so

  • Twinkle G.
    14/02/2021 16:34

    Sir salute

  • Ashish B.
    14/02/2021 12:28

    salute to u

  • Anil B.
    14/02/2021 11:45

    Publish your live position and routes ..people will join you..so that your not feeling lonely

  • Rahul D.
    14/02/2021 11:31

    Kudos to you Sir

  • Rohit D.
    14/02/2021 05:02

    Excellent job man👍👌

  • On A.
    14/02/2021 02:43

    Indeed it's need of the hour... everyone at some instance of life face mental trauma but least of them accept it .. it's time to know about depression & get some therapy to cure it... mental health is as much important as physical health..

  • Ridom H.
    14/02/2021 02:26


  • Farida P.
    14/02/2021 01:11

    Thank you for bringing in mental health awareness 👍great work Sir.

  • Abhishek S.
    14/02/2021 00:58

    More power to you bruh 🙌

  • Sunita P.
    13/02/2021 21:23

    Best wishes 👏👍

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