A Day In The Life Of An ER Doctor

“I work nights, I work evenings, I work mornings.” Dr. Manish Taneja from Delhi’s Indraprastha Apollo hospital takes Brut through his exhausting, mind-bending daily routine. ⏰

13/06/2020 4:57 AM
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  • Deva S.
    23/06/2020 08:48


  • Vinod K.
    23/06/2020 06:42

    Kudos bro✌ Great job

  • Geeta N.
    22/06/2020 06:16

    No words, it's a great job ur doing at the same time u have go through the hardship and fear of infection.take maximum care of ur health which is very important to the family and to us also

  • Suresh K.
    22/06/2020 05:55


  • Pradeep L.
    18/06/2020 12:34

    Really life of our warriors ate so difficult than we think ...his life once he is back to hotel room ...all alone and try to be normal . But I sure they can't ....salute them all

  • Mridul V.
    16/06/2020 18:44

    Hats off bro

  • Satjot D.
    16/06/2020 13:10

    Salutation to our Healthcare personnel.The World needs saviours in the form of skilled personnel instead of brutal politicians who are busy saving their positions at any cost whatsoever.

  • Sunity H.
    16/06/2020 11:33

    May God keep you and your family safe and healthy . Your's is the only profession where there is real connection between you and your helpless distressed patients . Saviour next to God . We are humbled by your selfless duties . Take utmost care . Stay safe .God bless.

  • Gautam M.
    15/06/2020 23:54


  • Pandit A.
    15/06/2020 13:23

    Great salute Dr. Manish Taneja

  • Amit K.
    15/06/2020 06:38

    We come to see God only in our lives, whenever seeing a life saving doctor or any health workers. I bid my bit of thanks to them. Thanks to you for always being there in this point of situation 🙏✌👍

  • Aayush B.
    14/06/2020 23:30

    All heros dnt carry fancy costume 👘 !!!! Some carry stethoscopes 🩺!!!

  • Nallini P.
    14/06/2020 20:49

    You rock, after god it’s you doctors , we’ll pray for your safety , you’re doing a great job

  • Rajeev V.
    14/06/2020 19:50

    Hats off to you Doc! I mean there's so much that goes in and there's no support for you guy's mental, physical and pschological support. You guys are really god sent guys, kudos to each and everyone to the medica fraternity who have relentlessly contributed and help us fight the Covid 19..... a big Salute to all the medical practioners.....

  • Samira S.
    14/06/2020 15:43

    Sir,Hats off.🙏

  • Tara N.
    14/06/2020 10:19

    Stay blessed and safe dotor!

  • Deepshikha S.
    14/06/2020 10:12

    God bless all doctors and health care professionals and workers.

  • Neijalam M.
    14/06/2020 09:45

    Three cheers to you Doctor👍👍🙏🙏

  • Seth A.
    14/06/2020 09:36

    You have taken me down the memory lane. My routine was almost similar ,round the clock without any shifts. Most of my time was spent in theater or labor room only with clinical officers nurses without any juniors or seniors due to shortage of doctors But it was the time when there was no viral corona. We were three specialists only in a big district. Only night shift were divided every third week. But I have no regrets as I gained lot of respect from the people.

  • Siddhartha C.
    14/06/2020 05:24

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