All You Need To Know About PCOS

Do you get mood swings often? What about insomnia? Did you know these could also be a symptom of PCOS? Here's everything you need to know.

23/10/2021 1:27 PM
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  • Brut India
    23/10/2021 22:16

    What is PCOS? PCOS, also known as Poly-Cystic Ovary Disorder (PCOD) occurs when a hormonal imbalance disrupts the ovulation process, which can lead to missed or irregular menstrual periods as well as other symptoms such as hirsutism (excess facial and body hair), weight gain, insulin resistance, and hair loss. PCOS can lead to infertility and, as the name states, the development of cysts (small fluid-filled sacs) in the ovaries.

  • Saheli S.
    23/10/2021 21:40

    have a look

  • Urmila B.
    23/10/2021 19:02

    Good 👍

  • Mouhsinah K.
    23/10/2021 17:39

    Supplement with vitamin D and zinc. Watch how it does wonders for your PCOS.

  • Nalini M.
    23/10/2021 15:03

    Luisteren is een kunst.

  • Radhika T.
    23/10/2021 14:19

    Disagree. I never had mood swings nor insomnia while I was diagnosed with pcos.

  • Mohamed N.
    23/10/2021 14:15

    Perfect explanation

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