Cancer Survivor And Donor’s Heartwarming Friendship

They may be from different continents but their friendship is bound by blood. 💖👭 Special thanks to The Marrow Story.

31/05/2020 10:57 AMupdated: 01/06/2020 9:14 AM
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  • Valerie H.
    25/06/2020 05:13

    An inspiring story of Steffi Mac and her donor. Makes me believe in miracles again...thank you for sharing!

  • Zafar A.
    03/06/2020 10:47

    Brut India, please deal with Mr. Sunando Sen's issue, because your otherwise good credentials are being compromised.

  • Sunny K.
    02/06/2020 16:16

    God bless them

  • Prashanth V.
    01/06/2020 13:01

    I can say foreign people are good in donating. I don't know how many Indians should have donated to a Germany women with such a condition

  • Brut India
    01/06/2020 11:00

    The coronavirus pandemic has made the long wait for many patients awaiting their bone marrow transplant even longer:

  • Reena P.
    01/06/2020 09:12

    God bless both of you always 😍😍

  • Sachindra N.
    01/06/2020 05:30

    ,May GOD give the Donar & the Donee a Beautiful Life Ahead.

  • Sunando S.
    01/06/2020 04:45

    Everyone please be aware that Brut India is a news site that steals content from others, edits it and publishes it trying to pass it off as it's own. Check out this video - . The content of this video was created by me using a remote camera and posted on my personal FB wall ( as well as on the page of Tanhau which is my property. It has been used by Brut India without taking any consent from me and they have intentionally edited the footage to remove the details and distort the story. Other media houses have taken full permission from me, given credits and published the video in it's original form, for example Unfortunately, despite several people pointing out that the video content has been stolen, Brut India and Brut are not even bothered about replying to this.

  • Rajnikant A.
    31/05/2020 13:58

    Thank you Brut....... Just amazing n heartfelt...... Love you both.... Dear Aylin n Steffu

  • Lendrina S.
    31/05/2020 13:49

    Steffi.. Brave girl.. Always love u sweetheart.. 😍🤗😘💖 U're amazing as always

  • Salma Y.
    31/05/2020 13:33

    Help comes in the most unique ways❤❤

  • Praveen K.
    31/05/2020 13:13

    Love is eternal it sees no boundary.

  • Daisy A.
    31/05/2020 13:01

    God bless them

  • Praveen A.
    31/05/2020 12:46

    This is the example of humanity

  • Steffi M.
    31/05/2020 12:42

    Thank you Brut, I am so honoured you did this for me. ❤️

  • Sunny K.
    31/05/2020 12:42

    Glory to God

  • Ruzbeh E.
    31/05/2020 12:10

    Brilliant story...

  • நக்கீரன் ம.
    31/05/2020 11:57

    How beautiful is this 🥰

  • Gyaltsen B.
    31/05/2020 11:25

    The magical marrow and blessed soul made it happened to live parallel lives in two opposite directions of the planet as the east and west together at the same time and many many years on the way ahead. May God give both the doner and the donee a beautiful life always.

  • Dhanshri B.
    31/05/2020 11:12

    Speechless some peoples came to our life like god blessing

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