Covid-19 Is Bleeding Mumbai Hospitals Dry

Mumbai’s doctors are working out of their skin to save lives. But as cases multiply, these hospital wards are turning into a nightmare. 😳😳

29/05/2020 9:27 AMupdated: 01/06/2020 9:22 AM
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  • Jaspreet S.
    19/03/2021 04:29

    Major problem is Overpopulation. How would Govt run hospitals smoothly. Even God cannot help us if population grows like this speed, corona virus is just a trailer many more pandemic will come than what happened only God knows.

  • Zafer P.
    11/09/2020 20:09

    India ki filmoon koo dakhoo unkay hospital asy asy hotay haa kay Amarica hospitala koo bhi maat day datat haan lakan haqeeqat maan asy hootay haan

  • Veronica R.
    21/07/2020 17:14


  • Atharva P.
    25/06/2020 20:17

    Varun Singh

  • Kamrul C.
    24/06/2020 22:38

    Stop blaming health care workers and start start social distancing, wear your freakin MASK....

  • Yolie L.
    24/06/2020 20:29

    God bless everybody 😇🙏

  • Dillip M.
    24/06/2020 16:13

    Bahut hi kharap haalat medicals ki

  • Tejashree G.
    24/06/2020 07:06

    Dead body padi hai toh why you guys not helping them. Doctors are human being. They also get tired. Instead of filming go and start volunteering!

  • Ariun-Od P.
    24/06/2020 03:51

    God bless India!

  • Charlie D.
    23/06/2020 18:55

    If you live in America you should thank God that you live in America and in one of these cities in India

  • Deepak K.
    23/06/2020 17:36

    All the common people in that room are infected now. Just wearing a mask won't help them 🙄😯. Right?

  • Thedoor A.
    23/06/2020 16:50

    Modi murders

  • Kasia S.
    23/06/2020 16:38

    This is not only a picture from Mumbai, India. That the real picture of hospitals in Europe too đŸ˜„đŸ˜­

  • Emilia A.
    23/06/2020 14:06

    India they have the money for weapons but for ppl nothing what a disgrace of a country

  • Amna K.
    23/06/2020 09:46

    Omg đŸ˜±

  • Lynn G.
    23/06/2020 00:53

    The world is struggling. 😞

  • Zahir F.
    22/06/2020 18:44

    Where is modi ??? Where does he hiding

  • Luffy N.
    22/06/2020 18:33

    Where are those bollywood artist... Jaja

  • Netradip N.
    22/06/2020 16:27

    This is ridiculous

  • Ryan S.
    22/06/2020 13:35

    If you want to help, just help. Dont ba a narrator or story teller! You are also human being

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