Expert Says India Is Not Testing For COVID Enough

Does India have relatively few coronavirus cases because it isn't testing enough people? Public health expert Prof. T Sundararaman explains how.

03/18/2020 4:57 PM
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  • Ganesan R.
    15 hours

    Why Brut is having problem in less numbers?

  • Mehul S.
    a day

    Who is this guy?... Talks so nagative.

  • Govinda P.
    2 days


  • Sunil M.
    3 days

    Brut India why is a lockdown! It's to make sure no one transmit s it to a vast majority and india is under a complete lock down last two weeks and rapid tests are going to be held around hot spots and why are you desperate for tarnishing India

  • Joann P.
    4 days

    Please Indian government don't play with our lives....please do the required testing and make sure we live with no fear...otherwise everytime anybody sneezes or coughs we will be in fear of what is happening

  • Nadeem S.
    6 days

    It's not like that... We haven't done enough testing that's why low cases.

  • Rounik T.
    6 days

    Indians can't take constructive criticism at all..arreh he is not defaming government, just google him and see the works he has done in the field of public health. He is not creating panic, he is just stating some facts and with a solution.. but no you idiots has to come up some bizarre things.

  • Mridul R.
    7 days

    Brother see this

  • NarennDra K.
    03/31/2020 21:41

    So Brut India should open testing labs in India.

  • Sunil V.
    03/31/2020 13:37

    Such a nonsense post made by brut, instead of creating panic they could have done better

  • Nilopam S.
    03/31/2020 12:05

    you can't get positive result if you are not testing that much.

  • DrNilay R.
    03/31/2020 07:58

    Then why death rate is also low??? If Chinese virus is spread in large population...

  • Iconic P.
    03/31/2020 07:40

    Plz share ..a hidden talent ... cancer patient...

  • Vikram S.
    03/31/2020 06:34

    Not even a single positive thing about the country is posted on this page . Even at time of distress you have the nerve to post such a thing . Do one thing , stop posting for a while and once things are back normal start criticizing again .

  • Tiru G.
    03/31/2020 04:16

    Some people are crying that India has less cases then western countries...

  • Dharmesh R.
    03/30/2020 22:57

    Because we dont have COVID 19 testing kits !!!!

  • Rohit S.
    03/30/2020 20:36

    COVID 19 :- C = Chinese O = Originated V = Virus I = in D = December-19

  • Ra A.
    03/30/2020 20:22


  • Ninad C.
    03/30/2020 19:29

    Bhootni ke children also getting effected. How can you say that.. Idiot

  • Fasih A.
    03/30/2020 13:50

    Listen to him