Fake Hand Sanitisers Seized In Gurugram

The coronavirus alarm is sending hand sanitisers flying off the shelves. In Gurugram, someone decided to start a fake sanitiser factory. đŸ˜ČđŸ˜Č

16/03/2020 11:59 AMupdated: 16/03/2020 1:26 PM
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  • Mehraj S.
    20/03/2020 19:41

    Yeh Kya khateh hai bhenchd ,

  • Francis N.
    19/03/2020 02:56

    Trademark Desi style.

  • Rsmehscnder R.
    18/03/2020 14:33

    Metro Man Har Jagah Safai Ka Bayan Chal Raha Hai Har Insan ko bachane ki koshish ki ja rahi hai per Hamare ranikheda ki Dipu ki Bus Mein Kuchh Bhi Safai Nahin Hai Puri bus mein rehti rahata hai Kuchh Bhi Safai Safai wale Jarur Honge Aisi Baat Nahin Itna Bada koi nahin kar raha hun per DTC bus Walon Ne To fir bhi Safai Karni Shuru kar di hai 55 sal ke andar pahli bar Main Usko Dekha kisi ki jo ki bilkul saaf suthri Jaise ke abhi Nikal Gaya joki 6 Sal purani basein chahie ranikheda ki bhasha mein duniya bhar ka rate aur pipe gandgi na se saaf hai na Kuchh Bhi saaf Nahin Hai Jara Gaur Kijiye aur UN ko tight Kijiye aur Choron ko dhanyvad

  • Sangita T.
    17/03/2020 08:03

    In this serious matter also some of businessmen seeing their profits is this a joke for them ...don't play up with someone lives if you cannot help them

  • Ajith N.
    17/03/2020 03:41

    North India for u đŸ€­

  • Edwin J.
    17/03/2020 01:21

    Disgusting how someone doesn't give a shit about the life's of people n just wants to fucking make money on the deaths of innocent people if not death atleast willing to put the people in harm's way... Fuck this shit man đŸ€ź

  • Fahad A.
    16/03/2020 18:52

    And what more to expect from selfish people who just think of money and power;;;;;;; who dont care of other lives;;;;; these people are worst than satan

  • Soumya G.
    16/03/2020 16:25

    Yeh to hona hi tha!

  • Priyanshi N.
    16/03/2020 16:21

    Itni mehnat ki thi to asli hi bana lete..kuch logo k paas iman k sath sath dimag bui nahi hota!

  • Rajesh S.
    16/03/2020 14:53


  • Akshay M.
    16/03/2020 14:28

    Hindu khatre me hai hindu se lol

  • Mercy M.
    16/03/2020 13:33

    Here Indians only will kill each other

  • Brut India
    16/03/2020 12:29

    Here's how hand sanitisers actually work:

  • Suresh P.
    16/03/2020 12:29

    Crooks want to profit from others misery,shame on them.

  • Raj J.
    16/03/2020 12:18

    Fake in India !

  • Bharat M.
    16/03/2020 12:12

    yea woh wohi lag raha 450 wala

  • Amit B.
    16/03/2020 12:09

    The bottle that I have looks exactly the same ! 🙁 Well, there's no check. No wonder there's USED surgical masks flooded in shops these days. God nation..

  • Rohan G.
    16/03/2020 12:09

    Just get a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Mix with aloe vera gel and make your own sanitizer. Or else. Get a bottle of sasta vodka, mix aloe Vera gel and make your own sanitizer. Don't drink it. Alcohol has not yet proven to kill corona virus by drinking 😂

  • Nowrin N.
    16/03/2020 12:06


  • Aryaman A.
    16/03/2020 12:06

    great business opportunity bhaina

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