How The World Is Fighting The Coronavirus

From India starting an emergency fund to lockdowns in Italy, France and the US, here is how countries are preparing to fight the global pandemic.

22/03/2020 4:57 AM
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  • Phan T.
    21/05/2020 14:45

    Ib cho em nhé

  • Rambo B.
    02/04/2020 14:20

    china and Pakistan ka sajis ka saja hum ko kiko

  • Suresh B.
    02/04/2020 04:02

    My dear brut india channel just f**k off

  • Mohd I.
    01/04/2020 20:37

    Pani bhara hai isme dawa. Nhi hai

  • Farhan A.
    01/04/2020 15:42

    Modi sarkar kuc kaam nahi kare he ghar me bethe k lodo kehal rahe he

  • Javed K.
    01/04/2020 06:39

    India addict of this

  • Md A.
    31/03/2020 17:59

    दुनिया कोरोना का इलाज ढूंढ रही है लेकिन भारतीय मीडिया ने कोरोना का धर्म ढूंढ लिया...बधाई [ hamne to iska naam bhi Corona khaan rakh diya ]

  • Innocent A.
    29/03/2020 16:17

    RBI se lete time socha nahi , logo ka paisa khi la dia Reliance, adani, etc and fir se nikal padeoga MP,MLA, etc kharidne? .......kiya log sahi mai chu.... hai ? Sorry yar aisa mujhe bolna nahi chahiye tha aise time p 😢😢😢😢

  • Gerald E.
    29/03/2020 03:57


  • Anand B.
    28/03/2020 14:53

    We know you have a good source from and we call it RNDTV

  • Vicky N.
    25/03/2020 15:55

    This is war whitout gun coz some one angry at us .. coz we human nerver understand what they do and what they eat .....this war never stop .....plz pray and stay safe ...

  • Shakuntala B.
    25/03/2020 12:26

    Inda need more foolproof planning for fighting COVID19 SUCCESSFULLY .

  • Shivani B.
    25/03/2020 04:33

    Proud of our Prime Minister jee 🙏

  • Supravash K.
    25/03/2020 03:41

    To all the bakchods saying we need medicines instead of quarantine . asshole the whole world is going through crisis but not yet the antidote came out so its not the fault of the goverment . and one more thing i m proud to have a powerful leader like modiji . we are in safe hands how a leader tackles emergency situations is reflecting in his work

  • Kimadi H.
    24/03/2020 17:55

    What about bankers... They also have a famiy

  • Melody L.
    24/03/2020 16:00


  • Shri D.
    24/03/2020 15:59

    I am so confused with people here. I guess Indians are mostly as shameless as liberals and democrats in the USA. India is one of the few countries that really did a good job and really under control. How do you think it shall be had government completely delayed everything even by a week. Except China, no other country can do something as such. Guess this modi haters should come to Europe. All you can see is death and fear. Instead of listening to the government, the same dumbasses shall throw shit on the government. Shameless and pathetic people.

  • Iyappan
    24/03/2020 14:56


  • Sewa R.
    24/03/2020 14:50


  • Joby V.
    24/03/2020 14:29

    Wohh toh teek Hain...what about our vehicle and housing emiz?

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