How To Talk to Your Kids About Sex

Swati Jagdish is a sexuality health educator who is now Insta-famous as Maya’s Amma. Here are her tips to make discussing sex with your child a little less awkward.

23/05/2021 6:57 AM
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  • Sadaf S.
    7 days


  • Aadhya S.
    18/01/2022 11:49

    I am a teen and I got the sexual education through internet. 😁😁 Even though my parents want to share all these talks with me I never really want this to happen 😂 I am just too shy and embarrassed about all these talks 👀

  • Ruby R.
    17/01/2022 15:55


  • Prakriti B.
    16/01/2022 14:48

    wanna be like her sharing all stuff with my daughter or son ...she is a real inspiration bro ❤️

  • Poonam I.
    15/01/2022 15:07

    Who taught these to Adam and eves

  • Dhivija S.
    15/01/2022 06:18

    What is the need to introduce an adult world to a young child who just happy and in the moment! Yes I agree child sex crimes are on the high, just giving them basics good touch and bad touch is enough for them.....once they are mature enough to understand sexuality...they can be introduced in the form of sex education!!

  • Debarati D.
    13/01/2022 05:31

    this is very important to teach.

  • Baljit B.
    12/01/2022 22:04

    If you are not feeling shame why you are not talking in hindi or any other Indian language?

  • Bala G.
    11/01/2022 09:39

    finally smtg good from Brut india!! keep it up. Stop political inclination its better for the press

  • Shylaja K.
    09/01/2022 03:10

    Thank you for this video..I have already started lacking somewhere but after watching your video I got confidence to talk with kids.

  • Somm A.
    23/12/2021 07:21

    we need to consult her ✌🏼

  • Rohit J.
    16/12/2021 06:34

    कृपया हिंदी में भी बताए चुकी हमारे घर के बच्चे हिंदी मीडियम में हैं🙏सारा ज्ञान केवल इंग्लिश वाले को ही देंगी क्या🙏

  • Gautam N.
    25/10/2021 14:32

    Today such counselling and sex education seems a novelty. Most forget that Indians are traditionally broad minded in issues concerning sexuality (not be confused with skin show seen off late). Arguably, it was British Raj and the Victorian doctrines that pushed us backward. Not to forget the damning contribution of Bollywood who despite of its cult following audience and liberal/forward thinking stars, still prefers to objectify women to make money.

  • TJ V.
    08/10/2021 06:40


  • Sharon M.
    30/09/2021 07:51

    I'm sure you know how to deal with (or ignore) the haters! You're an inspiration for me as a parent & as an educator! So, keep shining bright & spreading this much-needed message! ❣

  • Barkha A.
    18/08/2021 23:07

    Indian society seeing this video : Hawwwwwwww!!!! All points so valid! Draw the line, yet educate the child! The video is from a very well educated specialist!

  • Syeda N.
    10/08/2021 12:29

    ye lo apni rinky pinky ko bta dena

  • Borsha M.
    04/08/2021 14:30

    If a child is old enough to be molested, she is old enough to know what's happening to her and how to protect herself from it.

  • Taha B.
    03/08/2021 21:55

    , this brief video explainer is a goldmine for an academic curriculum on sex education for kids. I think it can be used to devise a framework.

  • Baijayanti A.
    30/07/2021 09:20

    I think children should be told that it is normal to be a girl or a boy and both are equally powerful by different ways. And when we grow up girl and boy make a powerful duo as a team. Not fight with each other. And they should just be warned about harassment. As if it's normal to have bad people around us just like good people around us. And questions about genitals.. simply tell them it is as it is and it's okay unless someone touches you... Or talks about these to you because you are too young .. and you should promptly report me this.

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