How To Talk to Your Kids About Sex

Swati Jagdish is a sexuality health educator who is now Insta-famous as Maya’s Amma. Here are her tips to make discussing sex with your child a little less awkward.

23/05/2021 6:57 AM
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  • Binitapal S.
    a day

    Though I agree most of wat she said but needs to be age appropriate education ..BTW wat kind of explanation.# two girls loving eachother termed lesbian ..then how do u explain love between two sibling sisters ..defining different kind of Love altogether.. I started educating my now 12 yr old at age of 4 simply wen she was in preschool . Even though I didn't jumped to lesbian gay talk girl understands everything now but ofcourse..we are now in an Era of internet.. social media ..and are way smarter than one can think ..

  • Sahil J.
    2 days

    Ko too to ihiug

  • Priyam C.
    2 days

    Bs yehi baki tha

  • Natraj S.
    3 days

    You will Ruine their childhood

  • Sonee M.
    3 days

    I do follow her on social media. The way she explains to her daughter is really awesome. People with dirty mind gonna find the issue but during the ancient times proper sex education was the part of studies. And it's not only about sex it's about knowing your body more.

  • Mohsin A.
    3 days

    When I was a child, I thought that the babies fell from sky and those who caught them were their parents and when I grew up a little I was told babies are taken out from mother's "abdomen" through scissors operation - I came to know about the truth from my schoolmates

  • Mohinder V.
    3 days

    She looks like Nazriya Nazim..a very educative video though..

  • Kohinoor V.
    3 days

    Nobody taught us at this stage, how we learned all.... everything has its own time

  • Soma S.
    3 days


  • Sumbal K.
    3 days

    And I dont kno how calling your child a bitch helps!!!!!

  • Soumyak B.
    4 days

    Highly appreciable at this tender age. What kids learn at this age remain ingrained till death. Literally it's a challenge for a parent to educate their child about the real time modern problems that need modern solutions. I find nothing loathsome or idiosyncratic.

  • Ricki R.
    4 days

    I'm sorry but this is done by many parents but only someone from a upper class who speaks English with their kids are highlighted thanks to class system which is no different from caste system. Aajkal media PR agency banne hai🙄

  • Jeshma A.
    4 days

    Ye try karri hu main Manit ke saath! 🖤

  • Fenista A.
    4 days

    I knew u mam. I met u at gknm hospital cbe... U r rocking ....

  • Minal H.
    6 days

    How can we personally get in contact with u as I have few questions ....

  • Aishwarya S.
    6 days

    Nice video and most Important to🤘🤘🤘

  • CA M.
    09/06/2021 18:27

    Seriously rubbish and dumb.... Educate your daughter about lesbian at the right age, otherwise she would start doubtinfg the obvious rationships....

  • Ashley D.
    08/06/2021 15:55

    Very good👍

  • Nasir R.
    08/06/2021 12:27

    Better to use age appropriate's against the child social development to interact like an adult

  • Satyabrata D.
    07/06/2021 03:33

    tomo chua ku aguda sikhae bo agee