• Thara B.
    27/07/2021 10:18

    Is this disease genetic?

  • Kumar C.
    19/07/2021 16:25

    Hey i already registered if my stem cell will help your sister then lemme know I can help u in any circumstance.

  • Nasrin K.
    16/07/2021 18:10

    Just registered myself..lets hope for the best.. 🙏🏿

  • Amit M.
    16/07/2021 02:08

    JAI GURU JI, reciting his name will shoo away all worries and ailments.

  • Imran R.
    15/07/2021 16:22

    May Allah bless her good health.

  • محمد ت.
    15/07/2021 03:51

    What is needed to be a doner? I mean what are the conditions

  • Prakhar B.
    14/07/2021 18:35

    I were survivor of this kind of disease I know the level of extreme pain & fear of death it's hard to deal with this kind of situation but there is a hope for Life keep it up you will find your donor soon 👍

  • Dasari D.
    14/07/2021 15:17

    Get well soon dear...stay strong

  • Arundhati M.
    14/07/2021 14:31

    Hi, Vivek please share the link and let us acknowledge of the rest method. Like where send the sample and so.

  • Kriti S.
    14/07/2021 07:19

    Kindly tell the details for sample collection.

  • Angel J.
    14/07/2021 06:55

    Join the chat⬇⬇⬇👇 https://t.me/joinchat/P5g7uMraq9plNGY0 No scamming 100% legit transaction

  • Antul K.
    14/07/2021 05:25

    All the best..God bless u

  • Prem R.
    14/07/2021 02:19

    Let me know the guidelines for the test will do if it matches

  • Prakash S.
    14/07/2021 01:21

    God bless her 🙏🏼

  • Abir R.
    13/07/2021 22:01

    Pheonix Girl! I strongly believe she will be in the pink very soon. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ God Bless 🙏🌞

  • Faree H.
    13/07/2021 20:45

    em praying for you....may Allah bless you with good health ameen🤲

  • Adv M.
    13/07/2021 20:03

    Reach out to me. I belong to Hazaribagh. I'm ready to do the needful.

  • Kabir T.
    13/07/2021 19:46

    Registered myself

  • Aswin A.
    13/07/2021 14:59

    I already send my swab after watching her story..

  • Pratibha T.
    13/07/2021 14:53

    Can you please send me the kit.. i want to try if i can be a match

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