Living Through A Covid-Positive Pregnancy

Despite many precautions, she tested positive for the coronavirus...when she was nine months pregnant.

20/07/2020 4:34 PM
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  • Vishay K.
    29/10/2021 10:22

    Wow awesome story. All the best to you n baby for the future.

  • Lalitha S.
    21/10/2021 13:22

    Yes right pregnancy with covid positive and my life was just under confusion and broke down mentally but still I faced everything and now I am with my son enjoying each and every precious moments forgetting those night mare of covid positive.... Mental strength is always important than anything to face everything in your life

  • Siddhi T.
    27/09/2021 08:54

    I had also delivered twins baby girls in the month of September 2020. I can understand your situation God bless you and your baby😃

  • Ayesha R.
    06/09/2021 13:43

    An inspiring mother

  • Priyanka S.
    28/06/2021 17:57

    Brave lady

  • Heena I.
    31/05/2021 13:01


  • Vasenai Q.
    31/05/2021 09:38

    Strong women

  • Baiju B.
    30/05/2021 00:49

    Mom knows best for baby.

  • Varsha S.
    27/05/2021 19:17

    Courageous Mother. God bless u

  • Sheetal M.
    24/05/2021 19:06

    Ya agree when one get covid after following every precaution,then it's God' s wish but during that time only positivity is in our hand ,I can relate my situation , difference is just that my kid is outside with me and your' s inside..,it's very tough to motivate ourselves that time but I also did the same.,,Salute to all mothers who faced the same situation 🙏

  • Leona T.
    22/05/2021 15:38

    4-6 lakhs ? I mean what's going on in the name of covid.

  • Chanda C.
    19/05/2021 09:36

    Allah pak Rhaaam karaam farmy ham sab paa Allah pak shet wali lambi zandgi day Sab ko Ameen suma Ameen Allah pak

  • Vinay D.
    30/03/2021 21:13

    Next Level

  • Geetha R.
    29/01/2021 04:58

    Thank you god

  • Uma V.
    25/11/2020 09:24

    Congratulations mounika,you handled it very nicely. You are very strong. God bless you all. Take care.

  • Asha R.
    11/11/2020 04:57

    Very inspiring story. Be positive.Trust God.

  • Anitha R.
    07/11/2020 12:59

    You are really a strong lady.... congratulations...inspiring too

  • Sampada P.
    13/10/2020 17:42

    Great job done by you👍... Keep this positivity... 😊... Be safe and take care of yourself. It's true that a baby(God's blessing) makes a lady so strong who can do anything to safeguard her child💖👶

  • Savi R.
    09/10/2020 00:06

    A story with a happy ending .Congratulations to you and your family . Cute baby.

  • Madhurima H.
    06/10/2020 16:21

    Superb job. .

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