Mass Covid Burial Sparks Outrage

The coronavirus sometimes leaves little dignity in death. In Karnataka, eight people were thrown into a single grave after they succumbed to Covid-19.

01/07/2020 4:27 PMupdated: 02/07/2020 7:34 AM
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  • Vanessa S.
    28/07/2020 19:42

    I cannot judge here. This pandemic has altered the way we live and in particular the way we die. In this case perhaps there was no space left to properly prepare the bodies for burial. Perhaps the families were unable to afford the cost. Perhaps....those who usually prepare the dead for burial are afraid the bodies are still contaminated and pose too great a risk to well as the family they go home to. The rules have changed. We are now in survival mode. Who knows for how long?

  • Anna E.
    26/07/2020 18:12

    That’s a damn shame

  • Daniela V.
    24/07/2020 17:20


  • Deiwamonmi N.
    22/07/2020 13:47

    They have no ethics and morals.

  • Paulette W.
    18/07/2020 21:03

    They could still do it with respect but life is cheap, see how they treat the living.

  • Sana N.
    13/07/2020 16:23

    They'll be buried just like they're buring othrrs

  • Purabi P.
    13/07/2020 13:42

    Yes its seems harsh. It is very easy to criticize. Some people were denied entry to graveyard. Beat up the doctors carrying their colleagues dead body. You never reported that? These people are doing whatever they can. You expecting an elaborate ceremony?

  • Julianna I.
    13/07/2020 08:33

    Omg....this reminds me of the holocaust...

  • Francisco M.
    12/07/2020 23:26

    Why dumping?? Burn the body better than dumping body COVID 19 will comeback just burn it dump ass !

  • Rajvir S.
    11/07/2020 19:18

    Next time u take take Corana infectious body to your home.. much respect.. chuitya salay

  • Susan D.
    10/07/2020 20:28

    Shocking disrespect of humans losing their lives,I hope theses evil people end up in hell

  • Arastu C.
    10/07/2020 19:30

    These workers are doing there job ... If you want antimsanskar then ask the family members to do so.... And why bury ...they should just burn them

  • Risha D.
    10/07/2020 11:32

    The dead has to be shown respect . The workers were wearing PPE no need to just throw the bodies like that. It could in turn he them, you or I. As well

  • Lidy K.
    10/07/2020 09:12

    Oh good that at least they have passion to burried their body which family can't do .

  • Ani G.
    09/07/2020 21:15

    Di Indo masi Lagi Ada respect nya. Itu pun familie mereka tidak mau hormat. Mereka tidak mengerti Corona begini bahaya. Ini lihat orang lain.

  • Judy K.
    09/07/2020 14:15

    Be thankful to them for disposing the dead bodies risking their life, when the respective family didn't come up to claim the body...they ain't have time like you all to simply sit at home and criticized and comment here...just remember they even dont have time to take a glass of water or pee...

  • Luis V.
    09/07/2020 12:55

    Wow 😢

  • Babusing T.
    09/07/2020 07:36


  • Pooja D.
    08/07/2020 17:29

    Feel like crying when I saw this video.So sad.

  • Lynton D.
    08/07/2020 12:55

    Seriously some people are insensitive, after following proper standard operating procedures, like sanitizing the body and wrapping in the body bag no way the body is a threat to them. Plus they have been provided proper set of PPE. They could have simply refused instead of disrespecting.

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