Regional Treasure Turns Foamy Horror

It causes skin disease, it contaminates fish, it's a bigger threat to India's beaches than rising sea levels. But people are frolicking in Chennai's frothing sea pollution.

04/12/2019 1:50 PM
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  • Hajera M.
    10/08/2020 11:38

    Very sad

  • Janvi Z.
    26/12/2019 13:22

    I'm a shame to be a human because we destroy the earth and kill animal the places

  • Erin G.
    18/12/2019 19:30

    Just shocking in our day and age

  • Suki H.
    11/12/2019 18:40

    you reap what you sow..

  • Alexander K.
    11/12/2019 07:14

    where was the india politicians took all their money go?

  • Kai A.
    10/12/2019 12:35


  • Jolanda K.
    08/12/2019 23:26

    ✊ ....ACT NOW! & Sir David Attenborough already filled it out! LET'S HEAR YOUR VOICE TOO ✊👉 (for other languages: 💚🌏

  • Jyaefuri C.
    08/12/2019 21:39

    Another top contributor of anthropogenic wastes...

  • Praful K.
    08/12/2019 15:07

    Shocking !

  • Wakas A.
    08/12/2019 09:26

    At least it covers up the shit on the beach

  • Praful K.
    08/12/2019 07:45

    Utter negligence !!

  • Lori G.
    07/12/2019 23:33

    I've seen this growing up in Minnesota. The lakes would get this foam but it was browned in color. I would ask what it was. People said it was "foam" And that was it🤔

  • Najma M.
    07/12/2019 21:14

    ignorance towards nature must not be tolerated 😡

  • Mark P.
    07/12/2019 13:35


  • Puja N.
    07/12/2019 13:04

  • Atif Q.
    07/12/2019 11:11

    Shining India

  • Sheshagiri P.
    07/12/2019 06:24

    Gives a new meaning to "Make hay while the sun shines"

  • Revati R.
    07/12/2019 05:35

    But the people deserve it....are they not the obes who set about polluting the waters in the first place? .....mother nature has learnt the brute nature of man....and gets her vengence .....

  • Ne R.
    07/12/2019 05:05

    natures wrath that is...clean up ür mess everyone

  • Sumita R.
    07/12/2019 03:40

    Very unfortunate and I am ashamed of the happening! Chennai government should take initiative to clean up the sewage system as fast as possible!

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